What is Earthright?

Earthright is a project dedicated to sustainable practices within Campus Dining Services. Our commitment is to make right decisions and take right actions to continually improve each step we affect in this cycle. Join us in our mission and do your part to put the earth right!


Wholesome Harvest

How we harvest, package and transport food are important to a healthy food cycle. Campus Dining Services supports local and sustainable producers to the benefit of our customers.


Energy Efficiency

Being efficient means doing more with less. Our goal is to maintain our commitment to good food, happy people and comfortable places while using less energy and reducing our carbon footprint.


Resource Renewal

In any system there is excess. Despite the complexity and restraints, we are dedicated to decreasing our landfill contribution. Composting, recycling and waste reduction create a more sustainable process as we grow.


Human Impact

Knowledge is the key to success in developing positive habits. Commitment begins with a personal understanding of the social and environmental impact we have, and the roles we play individually and as a community.