Campus Dining Services is proud to be one of the largest employers of students on the campus.  As of last Saturday we had 443 students in our employ.  You and the students you work with are one of the biggest resources we have, which makes you vital to our success.  We want to say “Thank You for all your hard work and dedication, this year!”

This year also marks the Twelfth Anniversary of the Campus Dining Services’ Student Employee Scholarship Program!    To date Campus Dining Services has awarded 105 scholarships for a total of $44,600. This year we again invited 5 faculty and staff members to be our judges and select our scholarship recipients.

Would each of the recipients come forward as I call your name? This year’s recipients of $500 Student Employee Scholarships are:

Name                                   Unit                         Major

Truc Bui                      Wheatstone/Starbucks      Electrical Engineering

Truc is a junior originally from Vietnam who began working with us in January 2007, and has worked with Starbuck’s since it opened last fall.  She volunteers with the International Student Career Center, is the Vice President of the Vietnamese Student Organization and a member of the Engineering Honor Society Tau Beta Pi.

Robyn DeBray            Brady Food Court               Nutrition & Fitness

Robin is not able to be with us this evening, but she began working at Brady Food Court in August 2006, as well as working at Wal-Mart and serving as a cadet in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.  Robyn is also involved in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program. 

Jessica Howard                  Rollins                                 International Business and Chinese

Jess has worked at Rollins since May 2006.  She is a student supervisor and takes care of hiring all the student staff at Rollins.  She is active with Phi Beta Lambda, the Marketing Forum and True Tigers.  Jessica’s Chinese instructor noted that “in her second year as a language student she came and presented to the first year students on her experiences on how best to study the language.

Rachel Kowalik          Wheatstone/Bookmark      Psychology/Sociology

Rachel is not able to be with us this evening, but I’d like to tell you a little about her.  Rachel is a student supervisor at Wheatstone Bistro and Bookmark Café and assisted in opening Wheatstone last fall.  Rachel also works as a Research Assistant in the Emotion Development Lab on campus, and is involved with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program and is a Handicap Assistant. 

Yang Liu                     Pavilion at Dobbs               Food Science

Yang (Alex) has worked at the Pavilion since September.  He is from China and holds a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, an M. Phil degree in Biology and is currently working on his master’s degree.  Alex not only works with CDS, but is also a Research Assistant with the Food Science Department.

Meaghan Necklaus    Brady Food Court               Advertising

Meaghan is a student manager at Brady Food Court and has worked with CDS for the past 4 years.  Meaghan’s German instructor told us that Meaghan proved to be an exceptional student, consistently outperforming her classmates, and “giving it her all”, in spite of juggling a demanding work and course schedule.

Minh Phuong Nguyen        Plaza 900                             English/Nutritional Science 

Minh has worked with CDS for 3 years at Plaza 900.  Minh also tutors English, and according to one of her references is a gifted writer and visual artist, who as a junior was permitted to enroll in a graduate level creative writing workshop.

Tracie Zimmerman     Brady Food Court               Plant Science

Tracy is a CSA that has worked with CDS since October.  One of her recommenders states that Tracie keeps focused throughout her shift and is pleasant to customers, other student employees and to all management staff. Tracie is involved with the Chai Alpha Campus Ministry and they shared that she has shown herself to be an open learner desiring to be the best she can be.

We would now like to recognize the Campus Dining Services’ Student Employee of the Year, Jason Rootz.  Jason works as a student manager at Plaza 900 and is a Hotel and Restaurant Management major.  Jason began working with CDS in January 2005.  He is active in hiring and scheduling the student team members at Plaza 900.  Jason also initiated and implemented the audio unit orientation program and co-authored a four-week training manual for student management team currently used at Plaza 900.  This year we were pleased and very excited to once again be able to award a $1,000 scholarship to our Student Employee of the Year.