Campus Dining Services is proud to be one of the largest employers of students on the campus, with over 650 student employees! Our student employees are one of the biggest resources we have, and are vital to our success. This year marks the Twenty First Anniversary of the Campus Dining Services’ Student Employee Scholarship Program. With the scholarships awarded last week, Campus Dining Services has awarded a total of 194 scholarships for a total of $114,950.

This year we are very pleased to be able to award these Student Employee Scholarships for $1,000 each.
Megan Boster, Plaza 900, Health Sciences

Megan is a junior, who began working at Plaza 900, in September 2015, and was promoted to a student supervisor position in August 2016. In her letter of recommendation, one of Meg’s supervisors wrote “Megan is very hard working and is a motivation and inspiration to other students.” A second letter of recommendation noted: “Meg has been a student in three of my American Sign Language classes, and her work has been exemplary and superseded my expectations in every possible way.” Beyond working with CDS, Meg earned a spot on the Dean’s list last semester, is a member of Tri Sigma Eta Chi sorority, volunteers with the Missouri Crisis Line, and Services of Independent Living as a Kids in the Kitchen Volunteer and this summer will complete a LEAD Institute internship for crisis intervention interpreting. When she graduates next May, Meg plans to pursue a graduate degree in Social Work.

Kaija Caldwell, Plaza 900, Animal Sciences

Kaija is a freshman, and began working as a customer service attendant at Plaza 900, in August 2016. In recommendation letters submitted on her behalf comments such as: “Kaija’s customer service is spot on with the experience we strive to give every guest…” and Kaija’s upbeat and sassy personality make her very entertaining and enjoyable to work with.” While being a relative new team member comments such a “her willingness to learn and go above and beyond to help her team set her apart…” Kaija is a member of Tigers 4 Tigers, and the Collegiate Horseman’s Association and serves as a senator for the Legion of Black Collegians. Prior to coming to MU, Kaija started the “We Care 4 Kids” after school program to help provide a safe place for kids in the neighborhood to participate in various sports and activities while providing mentoring, tutoring and homework assistance which grew into a summer camp servicing 60 children last summer, and continues on in her absence. Kaija also served on an Alumni panel for her high school this year to share her experiences at MU and in Animal Science and help other students see this as a possible career opportunity.

Steven Cook, Potential Energy Café, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Steven has worked with Campus Dining Services as a student supervisor since September 2016 and assisted with the opening of the Potential Energy Café in January 2017. In their letter of recommendation Steven’s supervisors shared, he is a “determined, unbendable individual who will not allow failure into his life.” And Steven has a “team player mind-et, his ability to work with minimal supervision and shows his dedication through accountability.” Beyond working with CDS, Steven serves as a Lance Corporal in the Marine reserves, is a member of the Mizzou Veterans Association, and volunteers with Special Olympics and Show Me State Bowling tournaments.

Madison Croft, Student Center Dining, Nursing & Interdisciplinary Studies

Madison is a senior who began working with us at the Student Center in August 2015, and was promoted to a student supervisor position in October 2015, and to a student manager position in April 2016. In her letter of application, Madison wrote, “My job has taught me how to face stressful and unexpected situations head on and to not back down from the challenge of learning new skills.” Her supervisors also shared that, “Madison is a pillar of reliability and stability and her flexibility is unmatched…” Madison is Kaldi’s Coffee Bar certified, an active member of Cru – responsible for overseeing all female freshmen in the organization, a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, volunteers with the Progressive Care Unit at University Hospital and a Sunday School teacher at The Crossing here in Columbia. She has earned a 3.8 GPA, is enrolled in the Honors College and was the international Baccalaureate Student of the Year in 2014.

Jazzmine Easterling, Pavilion at Dobbs, Women & Gender Studies/Sociology

Jazzmine is a junior who began working at the Pavilion at Dobbs in August 2014, was promoted to a student supervisor position in May 2015, and to a student manager position in May 2016. In her letter of reference Jazzmine’s supervisor noted that she is “a hard worker great at organizing and prioritizing tasks, and a very analytical thinker who can solve problems.” One of Jazzmine’s faculty members also shared that she is “a caring individual…committed to making the world a better place… with an earnest desire to make a difference in the lives of others rather than just the pursuit of a high GPA. Upon graduation Jazzmine plans to attend Law School, and currently serves as the Captain of a Mizzou Undergraduate Mock Trial Association Team, and is an active member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity. She carries a 3.76 GPA and has earned a spot on the Dean’s List every semester she has been at MU.

Kara Glavan, Wheatstone Bistro, Health Science & Psychology

Kara began working at Wheatstone Bistro in March 2014 and was promoted to a student supervisor position in September 2015. “Kara takes her job very seriously, takes initiative and leads her shifts with a calm confidence.” “Kara leads by example. She listens, seeks to understand a person’s frame of reference, and shows kindness to those around her.” In her letter of request Kara stated, “I have gained valuable work experience, customer service experience and have been able to gain lifelong friends through my time with CDS.” This semester Kara is working an average of 26 hours a week, she is the President of the Phi Mu Fraternity, is a volunteer in the Progressive Care Unit at Univ. Hospital, is a member of the MU Stop Traffic Club, a Peer Educator for Active Minds Mizzou, and a participant in multiple Alternative Break programs. Kara has earned spots on the Dean’s List and will graduate Magna Cum Laude in May before entering the accelerated program at the Sinclair School of Nursing at Mizzou.

Tateanna McCaskill, Student Center Dining, Data Journalism

Tateanna began working as a CSA at the Student Center in January 2015, and was promoted to a student supervisor position in November 2016. Tateanna’s supervisors shared in their letters of recommendation that “Many qualities make Tateanna a great employee. Two of these qualities are positive attitude and an excellent work ethic.” “Tateanna exemplifies excellent customer service and routinely shows her passion for people.” In her letter of request Tateanna shares, “Telling news is good, but supporting it with data and research is even better. It is what a great journalist brings to the table and why I enrolled in data journalism.” Tateanna maintains a 3.7 GPA while working not only at the Student Center but also as a graphic artist for the Columbia Missourian, is active with the Online News Association is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, volunteers at the Friendship Baptist Church, has repeatedly earned a spot on the Dean’s List and is a 2017 Emma Bowen Fellow.

Chandler Osborne, Baja Grill, Physics

Chandler is a senior, majoring in Physics who has worked at Baja Grill, since October 2015. In his letter of request Chandler noted that “Although it took me a while to adjust to my first real job, it’s been a fantastic experience, and I’ve made a lot of great friends and learned much about the value of camaraderie and a good work ethic.” Chandler’s references shared that “Chandler is patient and courteous to all employees and customers…” “he is reliable, a hard worker who takes pride in his work…” One of Chandler’s faculty members also shared, his performance in my 5 hour University Physics 1, is very fast pace and requires a lot of thinking and understanding of physical process in order to be successful. Chandler’s performance was outstanding and he received an A+ in the class. Along with working 22 hours a week at Baja, Chandler also works as a Learning Assistant for 3 discussion sessions in the University Physics 1 course, and has been on the Dean’s List since Fall 2015. He is a member of the Mizzou Running Club and the Society for Physics Students. Carries a 3.8 GPA, received a Bright Flight Scholarship, and A+ Scholarship, and a Missouri Community College Award.

Congratulations to each of these Student Employee Scholarship recipients!

In 2015 Campus Dining Services developed a new scholarship opportunity and began awarding $100 scholarships to students selected as their Unit’s Student Employee of the Year. Along with this honor, each of these students was entered into the Campus Dining Services Student Employee of the Year contest, where they competed for a $1,500 scholarship.

Madison Croft – Madison is a student employee of the year nominee from the Student Center. She is a senior majoring in Nursing. Madison began working at the Student Center in August 2015, was quickly promoted to a student supervisor and in April 2016 was promoted to a student manager position. She assists in the selection, interviewing and hiring processes and providing quality training for all new team members. Madison’s commitment to her job and co-workers is evident in how positive she is about everyone on her team. She is committed to our staff and holds them accountable, which helps keep the Student Center a comfortable place for all.

Derek Hill – Derek was nominated by the Rollins team. He is a junior majoring in Environmental and Atmospheric Science, with minors in Mathematics and Spanish. Derek began working at Rollins January 2014, was promoted to a student supervisor position in September 2014 and to a student manager position in April 2015. Derek conducts student employee interviews, schedules all student staff, and provides various types of training for students. He has also been very helpful in communicating with staff that speak Spanish as their native language. Derek serves as the President MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences) and is a member of the Acacia Fraternity.

Alexia M’Bark – is a senior, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife. She began working with the Student Center Dining in September 2015, and was promoted to a student supervisor position in August 2016. Alexia’s focus is on learning and growth. She is a key member of the Football Recruiting Breakfast team, in charge of setting up the buffet lines. She has mastered multiple venues, which allows her to train new team members effectively. Alexia is a member of Mizzou Tigers for Tigers.

Payton Powell – Payton is the Pavilion at Dobbs student of the year. She is a junior majoring in Business Administration, and began working with Campus Dining Services in August 2014, was promoted to a student supervisor position in November 2015 and to a student manager position in June 2016. Payton excels at connecting with people and building relationships. She always asks great questions and suggests ways to improve processes. She has suggested ways to revise the student discipline process, which has helped increase accountability while enhancing morale. Payton has been active in the Mizzou Alternative Breaks program and is a Sam Walton Scholar.

Brianna Veal – Brianna is a junior, Arts in Film major, with a minor in Arts. She was nominated by the team at the Mizzou Markets. Brianna began working with CDS in September 2015 and was promoted to a student supervisor in January 2016. She brings a unique creativity to the position, has excellent time management skills, coaching skills, leadership abilities and customer service skills, and can move easily between the three Mizzou Markets. Brianna serves on the Museum Advisory Council of Students and was on the Dean’s List for both the spring and fall 2016 semesters.

Daniel Ticona – Danny is a senior majoring in Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis in Medical Dietetics, and is another Student Employee of the Year nominee from the Student Center. He began working in August 2014 and was promoted to a student supervisor position during the summer 2015, and to a student manager in position in November 2015. Danny’s nominators noted that he juggles has academics, work at the student center and a second job at Hy-Vee so that all areas benefit. Before pursuing his present degree he earned an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts. To enhance his academics Danny asked to assist with taking weekly inventory, assisting in placing orders and production for the student center venues. He also assists with events at the Culinary Development Kitchen and received his Barista certification from Kaldi’s. Danny does a great job of training new staff in the areas of food preparation, sanitation and time management. Danny is active with the Nutrition and Wellness Associates and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and completed a three week study abroad program in Japan during the summer of 2016.

And finally, we are pleased to announce our 2017 Campus Dining Services’ Student Employee of the Year, Daniel Ticona! Congratulations on receiving this $1,500 scholarship.

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for everything that you do for Campus Dining Services!