Good Afternoon.  I am pleased to see so many of you were able to make it!  I am Susan Dayton, the Manager of Computing and Recruiting Resources for Campus Dining Services.  It is my pleasure to Welcome each of you to our Student Employee Scholarship Recipient Reception.


Campus Dining Services is proud to be one of the largest employers of students on the campus.  As of last pay period, we had 468 students in our employ.  You and the students you work with are one of the biggest resources we have, which makes you vital to our success.  We want to say “Thank you for all your hard work and dedication this year!”

This year marks the Twenty Third Anniversary of the Campus Dining Services’ Student Employee Scholarship Program!    With the scholarships awarded to you, Campus Dining Services has awarded 230 scholarships for a total of $135,950

This year we invited 5 faculty and staff members to be our judges and select our scholarship recipients.  Our judges this year were; Dr. Kevin McDonald, the University System Chief Diversity Officer and Mizzou’s Vice Chancellor for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity; Bryan Tanner, Mizzou’s Sanitarian; Michelle Froese, Assistant Director of Strategic Communications for the Mizzou Stores, Mark Hannink, Professor of BioChemistry and Dr. Jim Spain, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and ELearning.

I would now like to ask Nancy Monteer, Director of Campus Dining Services to come forward to present our recipients with their commemorative checks.

This year we are very pleased to be able to award these Student Employee Scholarships for $1,000 each.  Without further ado, would each of the recipients come forward as I call your name?

Name                               Unit                           Major

Amber Badley              Student Center       Elementary Education


Amber is a junior, who began working as a customer service attendant at the Student Center in November 2016.  In March 2018, she was promoted to a student supervisor position and in October of 2018, she was once again promoted, to a student manager position.  In his letter of recommendation, one of Amber’s supervisors wrote, “Her current focus is quality training, Amber is a Barista Trainer, and is responsible for ensuring that the required and rigorous training and certification process is done effectively and in a timely manner.”  He further notes, “Amber’s initiative to improve motivates other team members to perform at a higher level.”  Amber not only works with Campus Dining Services but is also an Outreach team member for Mizzou, helping the Office of Admissions with a wide variety of recruiting events large and small.  In her letter of recommendation Ambers, Admissions supervisor noted, “…she was always the first to show up and the last to leave.”  “…her unique ability to balance her time equally with everything she is involved in is a rare trait…” and that “Amber is a fantastic representation of what Mizzou stands for.” Along with these jobs, Amber is also a member of Greek Life, an Education Ambassador, Mizzou Club Dance participant, actively participates in her local church and has been on the Dean’s list each semester while at MU, currently holding a 3.97 GPA.  This summer she will be studying abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Kaija Caldwell                      Plaza 900                     Animal Sciences

Kaija is a junior, and began working as a customer service attendant, at Plaza 900, in August 2016.  Kaija was promoted to a student supervisor position in January 2018.  In recommendation letters submitted on her behalf, comments such as: “a very responsible, cooperative, adaptive and knowledgeable team member”, “role model”, and “leader” repeatedly appear. Another of Kaija’s recommendations notes, “she was very kind and caring and worked hard under conditions which were less than ideal.”  “She supported other team members and was always a pleasure to have around.” This is Kaija’s second time to win a CDS Student Employee scholarship.  Kaija is the social media officer for Tigers 4 Tigers, a member of the Collegiate Horseman’s Association, she serves as a senator for the Legion of Black Collegians, is an ambassador for the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, is active with Minorities in Sports, a Deaton Scholar and a Case Scholar. 


Mary Dunleavy                     Plaza 900                     Development & Family Science – Child Life

Mary has worked with Campus Dining Services since February 2016, when she began as a CSA at Plaza 900.  She was promoted to a student supervisor in August 2016 and to a student manager in February 2018.  In her letter of recommendation Mary’s supervisor wrote, “Mary’s customer services is spot on with the positive and memorable experience we strive give every guest…” and “Mary’s presence is felt with her ability to adapt to her surroundings, keep a level head and calm demeanor and still produce positive, consistent results…”  Mary’s other recommendation author noted, “In every interaction with parents, Mary was positive and professional.”  When she is not working with CDS, Mary volunteers with several area organizations to further her educational interests such as Camp Stepping Stone, helping children work through grief and the cancer and blood disorders unit at MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital developing appropriate play opportunities for patients.  Mary served as a student teacher last fall at the MU Child Development Lab, working closely with a three year old on developing language skills and fine and gross motor activities.  She serves as the secretary for the Human Development and Family Science Student Association, and while currently carrying a 3.74 GPA, has been on the Dean’s List each semester she has worked with CDS.


Caitlyn Hulett               Student Center           Natural Resources Recreation Management

                                                                                  Changing to: Plant Science


Caitlyn is a sophomore who began working at the Student Center in August 2018 and was promoted to a student supervisor position in November 2018.  In his letter of recommendation, Caitlyn’s supervisor shared, I “…saw this person had the “It” quality.  That intangible something that just makes a person successful at what they do.”  “She handles the ever changing staffing with ease and exhibits grace under pressure.”  In December, she was asked to assist with football recruit breakfasts a highly coveted position offered to only our best staff.  One of Caitlyn’s faculty members also wrote a recommendation letter and shared, “I consider her to be goal oriented, organized and diligent.”  “She demonstrates excellence, service and leadership and is respected by her peers.  Caitlyn currently holds a 3.86 GPA, is involved with sand volleyball, volunteering at the Food Bank, holds the office of Facilities Management Director with Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity, received a Curator’s Scholarship, and has been on the Dean’s list the past two semesters.


Ngozichukwu Ibe                 Student Center           Health Sciences

Ngozi is a senior who will graduate in May with a degree in Health Sciences, but will be continuing her education next year as a graduate student preparing for the MCAT exam.   She was a transfer student to Mizzou, who began working at the Student Center in August 2016; she was promoted to a student supervisor position in April 2017 and to a student manager position in December 2017.  In his letter of recommendation Ngozi’s supervisor shares, “Ngozi exemplifies excellent customer services and routinely shows her passion for people.”  Another supervisor wrote, “…recognizes the importance of every position and strives to help out anyone she can.”  “shows exceptional organization and time management skills, excellent training and delegation skills… takes every opportunity to learn more pieces of Student Center Dining so she can help with more tasks.”  Along with working at Campus Dining Services and studying, maintaining a 3.52 GPA, Ngozi also works as a Tutor with Mizzou Made Athletics and as a Lead Server Assistant and Hostess at another restaurant off-campus.  She serves, as a teacher’s assistant in the Anatomy & Physiology Lab, is the Secretary of the African Students Association, interim president of ASA’s dance group, a Mentor in the Department of Health Sciences and volunteers with STRIPES.  She won this scholarship last year, and was selected by the Student Center as one of their 2018 Unit Student Employee of the Year scholarship recipients.



Ryan Janikowski                 Business Services          Business Administration

Ryan is a second year student who began working at the Restaurants at Southwest in Sept. 2017 and then transferred into our student Accountant position in the business office in April 2018.  Ryan’s supervisor wrote, “I believe this particular scholarship is looking for leaders, innovators and self-driven student professionals.  I would use these terms to describe Ryan to anyone who would ask.”  And added, “…the only way I could emphasize my point anymore is; I keep asking him when he is going to graduate, so I can hire him full-time.”  In her letter of recommendation one of Ryan’s teachers noted, “… nothing less than a model student – this to me is not the perfect straight A student, but instead it is a student who seeks help, strives to learn, laughs at himself and me, and makes the educational experience worthwhile for himself and others.”  Outside of work, Ryan holds the designation of first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is a USA certified soccer referee.  He currently holds a 3.64 GPA, has been on the Dean’s list the past two semesters, is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and a member of Mizzou’s Zeta Kappa Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon business marketing and sales fraternity.  Ryan serves as a lead member of the marketing committee for the Altria Group Inc., sponsored Student Leadership Development program, and volunteers with the Grade A Plus Inc. Data Team as an analyst reviewing data and preparing reports to help parent’s understand the effects of tutoring their child is receiving.


Veronica Mohesky               The Mark on 5th Street         Journalism

Veronica is a junior, who began working at The MARK on 5th Street in August 2017, where with her determination, willingness to learn, positive attitude and work ethic she earned a promotion to a student supervisor position in August of 2018 and to student manager in January of 2019.  In her letter of recommendation one of Veronica’s supervisors notes, “She always offers to help where it is needed and always willing to help others.” And “She has a genuine interest in learning all aspects of the operation.”  Another supervisor notes, “During her weekend shift, she supervises the building from open to close with only student staff.” Not only is Veronica busy at The MARK, she is the News Director for 23 News on MUTV, serves as a SHAPE Peer Educator and is a Mizzou Alternative Breaks participant.  She is a member of the Honors College, carries a 3.8 GPA, has been on the Dean’s list every semester at Mizzou and won a 2018 Luverne Walton Scholarship for promoting gender equity on campus.



Michayla Williams                Sabai                    Health Science

Michayla is a senior, majoring Health Science with an emphasis in Leadership and Policy; she became a student at MU in 2017 after earning her Associate of Arts degree from Mineral Area College, while graduating from high school at the same time.  Michayla began working at Sabai in February 2018 as a customer service attendant and was promoted to a student supervisor position in February 2019.  In her letter of recommendation her supervisor notes, “…Michalya has been a super star!  She is respectful of her peers, eager to help and full of initiative!”  In a second recommendation letter the author wrote, “Michayla’s effective communication skills helped ensure the success of her shifts.  She takes the time to learn about her peers to better relate to them while working side by side with them.”  “Michayla is a dependable, hard-working individual who contributes to helping our customers have a positive experience by ensuring their orders are handled with attention and care from the point of sale through completion.”  Outside of Sabai, Michayla served as a Hall Government Representative and RHA Delegate last year and as a Site Leader for Step Forward Day last fall.  She has been active with Junior Special Olympics and has repeatedly earned spots on the Dean’s List while in college.

Please join me in congratulating each of these Student Employee Scholarship recipients!

In 2015, Campus Dining Services developed a new scholarship opportunity and began awarding $100 scholarships to students selected as their Unit’s Student Employee of the Year.  Along with this honor, each of these students was entered into the Campus Dining Services Student Employee of the Year contest, where they competed for a $1,500 scholarship.

Managers as your recipients are called up, would you come and share in the photo with them?  Our recipients of the 2019 Unit Student Employee of the Year Scholarships are:

Matthew (Max) Buchheim – Max is a student employee of the year nominee from Wheatstone Bistro.  He is a senior majoring in Early Childhood Education.  Max began working with us as a student manager with Starbucks SW in August 2017, an unusual step, but one based on his prior coffee, teaching and managing experience.  He did an outstanding job of assisting in opening Starbucks SW, and was moved to Wheatstone Bistro in August of 2018.  Max assists with placing orders, doing unit orientations and training new staff, steps in to assist when noticing that the unit is in the weeds over the lunch hour, helps keep staff motivated, upbeat and working hard.  He puts customers first, and knows many by name, and order.  Max also earned a spot on the Dean’s List for the College of Education.

Nicholas Clouston (pronounced Cl-houseton) is a senior, Civil Engineering major and was nominated by the Rollins team, as their student employee of the year.  Nick began working at Rollins in February 2017, was promoted to a student supervisor position in February 2018, and then to a student manager position in September 2018.  In his nomination, Nick’s supervisor notes, “He is on time and never misses shifts.”, “the epitome of reliability”, “professional”, “always stays calm under pressure”.  Nick holds the record for number of hours worked by a student employee in one day, at 17.5.  He runs Rollins @Night on the weekends, and is highly regarded for being a team player and leader. 

Angie Garcia –Angie was recognized as a Unit Student Employee of the Year recipient by the team from the Student Center.  She is a sophomore, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.  She began working with Student Center Dining in August 2017 was promoted to a student supervisor position in May 2018, and to a student manager position in November 2018.   Angie is routinely scheduled for closing shifts, and frequently covers weekend or closing shifts for other student management staff in need, she comes in unscheduled to assist in the dishroom, and calls when a class is cancelled to see if we need assistance.  She has regularly committed to conducting unit orientations this year helping provide new student staff with a feeling that they have joined a team, instead of just gotten a job.  She is able to see the strengths in others and apply them to the goals of the restaurant, thus setting staff up for success.  Angie earned a place on the Dean’s list during her first semester at MU.

Cameron Harris – Cameron is the Director’s Office student employee of the year.  He is a senior majoring in Personal Finance.  Cameron has worked with Campus Dining Services as a clerical student since the Fall 2015.  In her letter of recommendation Cameron’s supervisor shared, he is “responsible, dependable, trustworthy, punctual, polite and kind. …always willing to help wherever and whenever needed.”  He has helped train new student staff, including our departmental mail courier, and a new clerical student.  Beyond working with CDS, Cameron is a member of MOCHA (Men of Color, Honor and Ambition), and The Financial Planning Association.  He serves as a devotional leader, deacon-in-training and assistant to the pastor.  Last year Cameron won a CDS Student Employee Scholarship and he is a TEAM University E-Valuator Winner (investment competition).

Veronica Mohesky – in addition to what was shared earlier Veronica is majoring in Journalism and pursuing minors in French and Women and Gender Studies.  She was selected for the Unit Student Employee of the Year award, by the team at The MARK on 5th Street.  Veronica’s nominator for this scholarship noted, “she is reliable to her core”, “she has never missed a shift and helps cover other’s shifts” when needed.  “She knows what needs to be done to effectively run the floor and delegates or personally completes those tasks without being” directed.  Veronica volunteers to pick up extra prep shifts and asks to take on more responsibilities in her student manager position.  Congratulations again Veronica.

Ryan Schiller – Ryan is a senior, majoring in Digital Storytelling with a minor in Philosophy.  He was nominated as the unit student employee of the year by the team at the Restaurants at Southwest.  Ryan actually began his CDS career with the Rollins team in August 2015 he then transferred to join the Pavilion at Dobbs team where he was promoted to a student supervisor in the spring of 2017.  Ryan assisted in the transition as the Pavilion at Dobbs closed and the Restaurants at Southwest opened.  He had a great work ethic, showed a great deal of initiative in the opening of RSW, and was promoted to a student manager position in September of 2018. Ryan proposed, and is using his digital storytelling talents to create video training modules for the different venues at RSW.  He works hard to show extra care with new student hires and to make them feel comfortable in their new roles, helping to increase employee retention.  In addition to his efforts with CDS, Ryan also serves as the Social Media Chair for the MU Strength Club, he was a finalist in the Visual Arts and Design Showcase for 2019, and he has earned a spot on the Art’s & Science Dean’s List.

Isis Thomas – Isis was nominated as a Unit Student Employee of the Year by the team at the Mizzou Markets.   She a senior, majoring in Psychology.  Isis began working as a CSA in the Fall of 2015 and was promoted to a student supervisor position in May 2016.  In their letter of nomination Isis’s supervisors noted, she is an excellent trainer who is able to delegate with ease.  She is kind, and professional with customers. Isis is able to learn and adjust quickly and skillfully and is an outstanding role model.  In the summer of 2018, Isis was selected to participate in an Atlantis Fellowship, a pre-med fellowship allowing her to gain a global perspective of medicine, while studying in Barcelona, Spain.  Isis is active in the Psychology Club and Phi Mu Sorority, and has been on the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s List each semester while at Mizzou.

Abby Tosello – Abby is a sophomore, Business Management major, who was nominated by the Plaza 900 team.  Abby began working as a CSA in October 2017, was promoted to a student supervisor position in March 2018, and to a student manger position in December 2018.  Her rapid progression through the student positions is credited to her great leadership qualities and hard work.  She willingly works non-scheduled shifts, and effectively communicates with both CSA’s and full-time management staff, to ensure customers receive the best possible service.  It is not uncommon for Abby to come in on her day off, to relieve others, and this helps motivate the entire student team as she helps out at all the stations as needed.  Abby enjoys training others and when assigning duties, she willingly assumes the most undesired duties.  Abby demonstrates special care in working with students that have special dietary needs.  Outside of CDS, Abby is an active member of the Sigma Kappa sorority.

Jacob Worsham – Jacob represents the Starbucks team as their unit student employee of the year.  He is a junior, Natural Resources Science and Management – Forest Resources major. Jacob was hired as a CSA in July 2016 and after becoming Daily Operator certified by Starbucks was promoted to a student manager position in February of 2018.  Jacob is responsible for opening the Starbucks Memorial Union five days a week at 6:30 am.  His nominator noted that he “increases the Mizzou student experience and the student worker experience by being dependable and reliable, and setting up successful shifts, creating a positive atmosphere”.  Jacob has also assisted in increasing Starbucks customer satisfaction scores by giving a “genuine interaction” to each customer.  He communicates productively and through his leadership, “students enjoy coming to work when their daily lives are full of stress”.  Outside of his time at Starbuck’s, Jacob also works at Ragtag Cinema, he was recognized as Salutatorian of his high school class and currently holds a 3.5 GPA.

Alyxandra Haag – Alexandra is a junior Journalism major.  She is also a Unit Student Employee of the Year nominee from the Student Center.  Alyxandra began working at the Student Center in Kate & Emma’s in August 2017, was promoted to a student supervisor position in December of 2017 where she moved to infusion and became Kaldi’s Bar certified and also learned to operate Mort’s.  Alyx was promoted to student manager in March 2018.  Her rapid promotions speak highly of her “reliability, professionalism” and “demand for excellence”.  Her nominator wrote that “her flexibility is unmatched”, she “shines when assisting in coordinating special events and catering”, “her work is done to the highest quality” and she “has a strong desire to learn”.  They went on to write, “When Alyxandra trains someone, whether that is a person in a position of authority, or a brand new CSA, she approaches it with patience and knowledge that results in an effective and positive interaction”.  Outside of CDS, Alyxandra serves as a mentor in the Mizzou Women in Media club, she is a Convergence Lab Assistant in the School of Journalism and a Public Safety and Health reporter for the Missourian.  Alyxandra has been on the Dean’s list each semester while at Mizzou, currently carrying a 3.79 GPA. 

Nancy would you please come up again?…

We are pleased to recognize our 2019 Campus Dining Services’ Student Employee of the Year, Alyxandra Haag!

Congratulations on receiving this $1,500 scholarship.  We have your big check, and a plaque for a little longer-term remembrance and a copy of your nomination for your files.

Again, please join me in congratulating Alyxandra on this award and honor. (Applause!)

Thank you to all of you for your contributions to Campus Dining Services. 

Scholarship recipients would you please bring your checks outside, so we can take a quick group photo?

Everyone else, please help yourself to the refreshments while we take pictures of all of our scholarship recipients, and we will be back to join you shortly.