This past Wednesday was the Campus Dining Services Fun Day, a day set aside to recognize and celebrate our full-time staff. The day consisted of our Black & Gold Culinary Expo XII, an award ceremony and an afternoon at Lazer Lanes, complete with a food truck lunch.

The day started with the Culinary Expo, an annual cooking competition between CDS staff. Each of the four teams that competed had one hour to create a dish, and could receive bonus points for using a mystery ingredient not known to them until 30 minutes before the competition. The audience was divided into four groups, and those groups were given the opportunity to answer trivia questions for the team they represented. If they answered correctly, the team could choose an extra 5 minutes of preparation time or 10 minutes of assistance from a sous chef.

The winners were selected by a panel of three judges, made up of Rob Komotos, a Division Chef from US Foods, Steve Simpson, a retired Campus Dining Services Associate Director and Jay Curry, owner of Spicewine Ironworks. Here are some photos from the event:

The winning dish was a stuffed chicken with vegetable ragu and spinach, prepared by a team representing Rollins.