We get regular questions about the block dining plans, so here is an overview of the plans, what the numbers mean, how the pricing works, where you can use your plan and how to change it. As always, if you still have questions after this crash course, leave a comment, tweet @mucampusdining or call 573-882-3663.

The blocks

Standard residential dining plans:

  • Block 175
    • 175 meals for the semester = about 1 ½ meals per day.
    • Cost per meal: $7.31.
  • Block 225
    • 225 meals for the semester = about 2 meals per day.
    • Cost per meal: $6.60.
  • Block 275
    • 275 meals for the semester = about 2 ½ meals per day.
    • Cost per meal: $6.15.

For comparison, the guest meal price at residential dining locations is $7.50 for breakfast and $9.50 for lunch and dinner.

Additional plans:

  • Block 125 + $205
    • 125 meals + $205 E.Z. Charge for the semester.
    • Cost per meal: $8.60.
    • *Block 125 is only available for students living on extended campus or off campus.
  • Block 25
    • Anyone on a block plan can purchase an additional 25 meals at any point, or multiple times, as needed. Go to the CDS office above Plaza 900 to add this block.

* Note: Meals expire at the end of each semester and there is no refund for unused meals at the end of each semester. Take some time to consider which block plan will work best for your schedule.

Your dining plan meal balance MU Campus Dining Services


All of that is pretty straight forward – until we get into the cost. Dining plans are connected to your room and board contract, which is for the entire academic year. This means that your dining plan price is for the entire year.

  • Block 175 = 175 meals/semester = 350 meals/academic year = $2,560/academic year.
  • Block 225 = 225 meals/semester = 450 meals/academic year = $2,970/academic year.
  • Block 275 = 275 meals/semester = 550 meals/academic year = $3,380/academic year.

Say you want to change your plan from Block 225 for the spring semester. If you move up to Block 275, you will be charged the difference; if you change to Block 175, you will be refunded the difference. If you do not make a change to your plan, you will automatically be re–enrolled in the same block.

Purchasing & changing plans

If using a credit or debit card, plans can be purchased over the phone at 573-882-3663. If you want to pay via student charge, you must sign up in the CDS office at 900 Virginia Ave. above Plaza 900. Dining plans cannot be purchased online.

You can change your dining plan until the last day to drop a course without a grade. Check the Mizzou academic calendar for the exact date in each semester and summer session. Toward the end of each semester, we provide a Dining Plan Change Form in the website so you can make adjustments for the next semester.

The form is currently open for the spring semester until February 25th. Find it here to change your current plan.

Locations & partial meals

Block plans can be used at the following residential locations:

At the all–you–care–to–eat locations, one swipe is one meal from your plan. You can get meals to go at Pavilion at Dobbs and Rollins; please see the carry–out policy for more information.

At the other a la carte locations, the menus are based on partial meals. For example, at Baja Grill, you can order a taco for .3 of a meal and a tropical cooler (smoothie) for .7 of a meal for a total of 1 meal. By purchasing meal combinations that equal less than 1 full meal, you can make your plan last longer. But remember, meals expire, so plan accordingly.

Have more questions?
Leave a comment, tweet @mucampusdining or call 573-882-3663.