Win E.Z. Charge cards every week!

Campus Dining Services is launching a new social media promotion on Tuesday, Oct. 2. Prizes of E.Z. Charge cards are awarded each week, so be sure to follow CDS on Twitter and like on Facebook.

Each day is a different topic, giving you multiple ways to participate throughout the week.

  • #MyPlateMonday: Who said you shouldn’t play with your food? Get creative, and tweet or post a picture of your meal. We’ll announce our favorites on Tuesday.
  • #TriviaTuesday: Get your thinking caps on. We’ll post trivia questions about Mizzou, CDS and food topics in general.
  • #WhereWednesday: We’ll post a photo and you have to tell us where it’s from! We may start off simple, but there will be some tricky ones in the mix.
  • #ZoutritionThursday: A day dedicated to nutrition! These are trivia questions or simple tips.
  • #FavFriday: Each week will be a different question, but Friday is all about your favorites.

At the end of the week, we’ll randomly select winners. Some weeks might be from Facebook and another from Twitter, or one  winner from both. Get posting and tweeting for your chance to win every single week!