2016 Scholarship Group Photo

Campus Dining Services is proud to be one of the largest employers of students on the campus.  As of last pay period we had 789 students in our employ. Our student employees are one of the biggest resources we have, which makes them vital to our success. This year also marks the Twentieth Anniversary of the Campus Dining Services’ Student Employee Scholarship Program! To date, Campus Dining Services has awarded 185 scholarships for a total of $106,650.

This year we are very pleased to be able to award these Student Employee Scholarships for $1,000 each.

Randall Buttliere, Sabai, Animal Sciences

Randall is a sophomore, who began working at Sabai in August 2014, and was promoted to a student supervisor position in January 2015.  In his letter of request Randall wrote that he feels he “brings a sense of enjoyment to Sabai and makes others feel like they want to be that there, rather than that they have to be there.”  His supervisor wrote that “Randall is an effective leader; he clearly communicates expectations and praises others when doing well or lends support when needed.”  Randall earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2010, and is a leader in the largest Scout Troup and Venture Crew in Illinois.  He has served as a Trek Leader providing “guidance for younger participants, same age participants and less experience adults.”   

Darius Caffey, Mizzou Markets, Psychology/Sociology

Darius is a junior currently serving as a student manager for the Mizzou Markets.  He began working as a CSA in October 2013 (his first job) and was promoted to a student supervisor position in December, 2013 and to student manager in August 2015.  Almost 90% of the hours Darius works are when full-time management are not on- campus, which reflects the high level of trust placed in his ability to handle simultaneous tasks and pressures.  Outside of classes and work, Darius has served as a mentor for the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus Foundation, is a peer mentor for the Mizzou Black Men’s Initiative (coordinating several community service opportunities including work at the Columbia Food Bank, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race for the Cure and Columbia Highway Clean-Up), and has participated in multiple Mizzou Alternative Break teams.  Currently he serves as the Executive Representative of the Association of Black Psychologist, Vice President of Ivy League Innovators, is a Teaching Assistant for the Mizzou Black Men’s Initiative, and is a Research Assistant in one of the MU Psychology Research Labs.

Bailey Dent, Business Office, Health Sciences

Bailey has worked with Campus Dining Services in our Business Services area since August 2013.  She is a junior working toward degrees in Health Sciences and Nursing.  Bailey’s references report that she is a “team player” with the unique ability to work independently, in small groups and in large groups. She has also assisted in creating training materials for full-time and management staff for new accounting processes implemented by the University.  Bailey currently works 3 jobs; volunteers in the University Hospital’s Emergency  Room and at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, is involved in the Student Nurses Association on-campus, and serves as a board member for the Missouri Club Calf Association all while earning a 3.26 GPA. 

Elizabeth Jennings, Student Center, Black Studies & Psychology

Ellie is a junior who began working with us at the Student Center in July 2015, and was promoted to a student supervisor position in October 2015.  Ellie participated in change to Kaldi’s coffees & teas at infusion in January, and quickly passed all certifications on her first try!  One of her references was a teacher from high school, who three years after graduation is still excited to share how impressed he was with her research and academic abilities, and her leadership and involvement in the school, including serving as captain of the cheerleaders; earning three academic letters, election to student council positions and FBLA positions.  While at MU beyond working 20-25 hours a week with CDS, she also works 25 hours a week as a Certified Pharmacy Technician at Hy-Vee, participates on the Mizzou Women’s Rugby team and has been on the Dean’s list the past 4 semesters.

Zachary Johnson, Baja Grill, Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Zach is a freshman who began working at Baja Grill in September 2015, and was promoted to a student supervisor position in December 2015.  In her letter of reference Zach’s supervisor noted that he is an exceptional team player and role model and that as they are hiring new students they often ask themselves; “Do they have the Zach J factor? Or Do they have the potential to be a Zach J?” Beyond working Zach is a member of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars and the Sports, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Association and is involved with Club Baseball and Intermural Basketball.  Zach also made the Director’s List fall semester and earned a 4.0 GPA.

Jannice Newson, Student Center, Environmental Science

Jannice began working at the Student Center her first semester at Mizzou, in August 2014.  She has mastered the Common Area, Kate and Emma’s and Do Mundo’s, but is able to quickly pick up in the other restaurants if called on to assist.  Her supervisor also notes that she is able to maintain her calm and be friendly and courteous even in the midst of the lunch rush.  Jannice is a member of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Ambassador team, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars the Mizzou Black Women’s Initiative and the McNair Discovery Program.  She volunteers at the Columbia Food Pantry and the Urban Restoration Ministries program.  She has a 3.61 GPA and has earned a spot on the Dean’s List each of the past three semesters.

Miranda Placht, Baja Grill, Animal Science

Miranda began working as a CSA at Baja Grill in September 2014, and was promoted to a student supervisor position in October 2015.  Miranda’s references shared the following:  “She is quite easily one of the most mature and motivated students I have ever encountered in 15 years of college teaching.” And “When I try to think of one word to describe Miranda I fail miserably because all kinds of words come to mind… but in my opinion the best way to describe Miranda is Superwoman… she just needs the cape.”  Miranda is a member of the Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association and the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.  While an Animal Science major, Miranda has also been working through the Pre-Veterinary requirements and “handled them with ease”.  She has earned a 3.52 GPA and maintained a position on the Dean’s List each of the 5 semesters she has attended Mizzou.  In March, Miranda received a 2016 Unsung Hero Award, from the Missouri Student Unions Programming Board, to recognize her dedication, integrity, initiative, hard work, perseverance and character.   

Seanna Schondelmeyer, Sabai, Pre-Nursing

Seanna is junior, majoring in nursing who has worked at Sabai, since it opened in August 2014.    Seanna is another of our team that work multiple jobs including serving as a Peer Advisor for Residential Life, teaching a Freshman Interest class of 20 pre-nursing majors, and as a Children’s and Nursery worker at the Sunrise United Methodist Church.  Seanna’s supervisor shared that “she demonstrates initiative and strong work ethic in all aspects of her position and academics.”  Her FIGS supervisor also shared “she is hard-working, responsive to feedback and concerned about both the quality of her work and the quality of the FIG experience she leads.”  Seanna has earned a 3.5 GPA while also participating in Mizzou’s Sustainability Club, Diversity in Nursing and volunteering at the Harry S. Truman Veteran’s Hospital.

In 2015 Campus Dining Services developed a new scholarship opportunity and began awarding $100 scholarships to students selected as their Unit’s Student Employee of the Year.  Along with this honor, each of these students was entered into the Campus Dining Services Student Employee of the Year contest, and the winner went on to represent the University of Missouri in the National Association of College & University Foodservices’ Midwest Region contest.

Theodosios Diplas – Theo is a student employee of the year nominee from the Student Center.  He is a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering.  Theo began working at the Student Center in September 2012, was promoted to a student supervisor in February, 2014 and in May 2014 was promoted to a student manager position.  He works with all outlets at the student center, has worked all home football weekends the past two years, and excels in training new staff.  His forte is in training new international students and helping to ensure that they understand each job they are performing.  He is also the go to guy for making the perfect cappuccino!

Brian Ritzie – Brian was nominated by Plaza 900.  He is a senior majoring in Parks, Recreation and Tourism who aspires to work with a Professional Sports Franchise.  Brian began working at Plaza in August 2012, was promoted to a student supervisor position in April 2014 and to a student manager position in March 2015.  Brian oversees the scheduling of all student staff, assists with new student staff unit orientation and training in all the various venues. =

Delyn Stephenson – is a junior, pursuing a Bachelor of Art History and Archaeology.  She began working with the Mizzou Markets in September 2013, and was promoted to a student supervisor/student accountant position in August 2014.  Delyn assists with validating financial records for all three markets, as well as training new staff, providing coaching and corrective action as needed.  She is a member of the Museum Advisory Council of Students and an active volunteer with the Girl Scouts of America, Bright Start Academy and the Christian County Food Bank.

Heather Tarr – Heather is the Baja Grill student of the year.  She is a junior majoring in Psychology, and began working with Campus Dining Services in January 2014, was promoted to a student supervisor position in January 2015 and to a student manager position in September 2015.  Heather is responsible for training new staff members, providing unit orientations, maintaining the unit cleaning charts, and overseeing the nightly closing of the unit as well as providing weekend supervision.  Heather also volunteers with the Raptor Rehabilitation efforts on-campus and with SHAPE.

Dana Wesselmann – Dana is a senior, General Studies major, with emphasis in mathematics, business and art.  She was nominated by the team at the Pavilion at Dobbs.  Dana began working with CDS in August 2012 was promoted to a student supervisor in Fall 2013 and to a student manger position in Fall 2014.  Dana’s primary responsibilities include interview, hiring, scheduling and planning student meetings.  Dana also helped create a Pavilion at Dobbs Twitter account to promote events and encourage attendance during construction.

Reid Vardell – Reid is a senior majoring in Linguistics with the goal of attending Law School.  And is another Student Employee of the Year nominee from the Student Center.  He began working in August 2010 and was promoted to a student supervisor position during the fall semester of 2012, and to a student manager in position in April 2013.  Reid’s nominators noted that he is an excellent business manager, taking on the responsibilities of assisting with inventory, payroll and daily deposits, and that with his attention to detail he is thorough and consistent.  Lightening the mood and finding the humor in almost any situation are also strengths noted by his nominator, and allowing the dishroom to be seen as a place students want to work and where they expect to have a good time.

And finally, we are pleased to announce the 2016 Campus Dining Services’ Student Employee of the Year, Reid Vardell! Reid will receive a $1,500 scholarship.

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for everything that you do for Campus Dining Services!