Last night was the Rollins Book of Records event during dinner. The event was a blast and was definitely one to remember. Everything was based off the Guinness Book of Records, including the jumbo-sized menu and games.

A 10-pound burger was served and included 16 slices of American cheese, 23 slices of tomatoes and 9.6oz of onions! We had to bake each burger in a 16″ pizza pan and 22 people could be served from just one.

There were games and prizes as well, and the times and scores were recorded to see who the record-holders of Rollins were. How fast were you able to sort 52 cards?

Here are some pictures we took of the event:

Were you at the event? Tell us what you thought! We would love to see any photos or videos that you took while you were there. We hope you had as much fun as we did!