E.Z. Charge

The simple solution for meals, snacks and beverages on campus

You never have to worry about being hungry and caught without cash with an E.Z. Charge account. E.Z. Charge is the simplest solution for meals, snacks and beverages on campus. Simply add money to your Prepaid E.Z. Charge account (most IDs automatically have this without money loaded) at tigercard.missouri.edu, or come see us at 900 Virginia.

Note: A valid Mizzou TigerCard is required to use E.Z. Charge.

Even better, E.Z. Charge is free. There are no hidden costs.

Is E.Z. Charge for you?

Yes! All students can use E.Z. Charge at any Campus Dining Services (CDS) location, Mizzou Markets and vending machines.

Prepaid E.Z. Charge

  • Debit style account
  • Advanced deposits
  • Great for budgeting
  • Check balance and add funds with a credit card at tigercard.missouri.edu
  • Come by 900 Virginia to add funds with cash, check or to charge your university account (Student Charge is accepted)

How can I add funds to an E.Z. Charge account?

For Prepaid E.Z. Charge, we recommend that you add about $400 per semester. Every time you make an E.Z. Charge purchase, it deducts from your account. Visit the tigercard website to add money to a Prepaid E.Z. Charge account. To add money as a guest, choose the option labeled “Make Deposit.”

Do I forfeit any unused balance in my E.Z. Charge account at the end of the semester?

You don’t lose anything! The deposits made into Prepaid E.Z. Charge accounts carry across semesters. When you leave the university, the remaining balance is credited to your university account upon request.

Balance check

Block plans: Meal usage chart
E.Z. Charge: tigercard.missouri.edu

Carry-out Meals

Please carefully read over the CDS carry-out policy and note that abuse of this program may result in carry-out meals being discontinued.