The “Waste Not, Want Not” task force is a Mizzou Advantage undergraduate research team involving an interdisciplinary collaboration of students and faculty seeking to understand food waste and how to decrease it on campus. With the support of Campus Dining Services, they are launching a two-week awareness campaign in early November which will involve traditional marketing as well as the use of social media, utilizing the hashtag #RespectZouFood.  The team will determine our success by measuring the plate waste generated before and after the intervention and also by tracking the reach of our social media campaign. They need your help to make this a success!

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Tigers avoid wasting food for many reasons.  What’s yours?  This is where you come in. Our social media campaign will take place from the week of November 10th. During that week, we ask that you use Twitter and Instagram and #RespectZouFood to send a photo (e.g., of yourself holding an empty plate) of how and why you avoid wasting food. Your picture may be retweeted or posted by the MU Campus Dining account, which will help raise awareness to many MU students. By participating in this campaign, you will help other students be more conscious of their behavior toward food, as well as bring attention to your organization. All Mizzou Tigers have reasons for cherishing their food. We want to hear yours, because your voice matters. 

Your support is greatly appreciated. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the campaign. We look forward to making a difference with you!

On average, Mizzou students waste almost 9% of their food. 

For all campus diners in one semester…

…this equals a waste of $362,640 – enough to pay a year’s tuition for 33 Missouri residents

…this equals a waste of 57,650 pounds – enough to provide more than 57,000 people with a full meal

…this equals emissions of 66,140 kg of CO2 – equivalent to the emissions of driving 630 times to St. Louis and back.

Help decrease food waste. Plan your meal. Clean your plate!