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Another Level of Convenience

Living at Mizzou is flexible, easy and close to where you study and learn. Choose the housing that fits your needs. We offer academically flexible contracts so you can study abroad, take that semester long internship and put your academic career first.

Fast Connection for Streaming & Gaming

The internet connection inside the Residence Halls is second-to-none, and can power a gaming and streaming session with low ping and no lag. Bring your consoles, your PC, and set up the ultimate battlestation. Living on campus also means you can game before, in-between, and after class.

Unique Situation? No problem

Studying abroad, have an internship, or have another academic reason for leaving? East. We’ll arrange for you to cancel your contract without penalty when you leave MU to complete your academic work.

Graduating in December? Don’t worry about finding a short-term lease – come live with us.

Financial aid coming in late? We can wait. A landlord won’t.

“There isn’t anything quite like living on campus. Getting to class is easy. Grabbing a quick bite to eat is easy. Meeting new people is easy. I recommend it to everyone.” – Truman

Nothing Can Compare

Living at Mizzou

Fast Internet

Stream and Game on Twitch

Short walk to every class


Living Off-Campus

Slow Internet

Can’t stream on Twitch

Commute and park to get to class