In January 1987, Campus Dining Services became a separate department within the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Missouri. Over the past 25-plus years, the department has changed and grown in many different ways, but one thing has remained consistent: what we do. Our mission, “Nourishing the Mizzou Spirit through good food – happy people – comfortable places,” drives us. Our vision, “To be known for our commitment to excellence and passion for people,” guides us. And the University values of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, and Excellence show the world how we want to be known.

– Julaine Kiehn
Director, Campus Dining Services

CDS in Writing

When writing about Campus Dining Services (hereafter CDS), please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure consistent communication about, and representation of, the CDS brand.

Significant marketing pieces, such as presentation materials, should be edited for writing consistency by the appropriate marketing and administrative teams.

1. Campus Dining Services should always be spelled out on the first reference. “CDS” may be used after the first reference. Include a statement in parenthesis such as “CDS” or “hereafter CDS.” Avoid switching between “Campus Dining Services” and “CDS” in the same document.

2. Acceptible long forms include “University of Missouri Campus Dining Services,” “MU Campus Dining Services” and “Mizzou Campus Dining Services.”

3. Avoid using names such as “MU Dining,” “University of Missouri Dining,” “Campus Dining,” etc.

4. Avoid referencing CDS with a personal pronoun. Write At CDS, we want you to be happy rather than CDS wants you to be happy.

5. Always refer to CDS as a singular entity. For example, write CDS has great staff members rather than CDS have great staff members.

6. When writing about CDS staff, take care to correctly differentiate between a plural group of staff members or a single staff member (i.e., The Rollins staff enjoy their work or This Rollins staff enjoys her work).

Design Philosophy

Good design means understanding the needs of your users and encompassing the mood, theme or brand in a way that relates to those needs. Each of our locations brings its unique aesthetic. Our goal for every project is to encapsulate that unique style through a process of exposure, education and creativity while ultimately maintaining a high standard of collegiate professionalism.

It is imperative to CDS that our customers identify with their environment and, as a result, take away a sense of “experience”. Each idea is rooted in the department’s collective desire to create what is interesting and thoughtful and the ability to seamlessly meld the old and new.

1. Keep a consistent and unified brand and style, despite the project

2. Focus on legible, attractive, fresh, easy to understand design

3. Keep an eye for well balanced and well though-out design

4. Keep a base design that marries that of the University of Missouri

5. Understand that design imprints a memory; give customers a positive experience

Website and Social Media: Setting a National Standard

The CDS website fully integrates menus, event promotion, the blog and social media into one online destination.

Social media helps to promote and define the CDS brand by giving outlets for visual content, event promotion and important information. Customers have personal avenues to interact, ask questions and share concerns. Social media gives a voice and personality to the brand, engages customers on individual levels and adds to the overall customer satisfaction.

A marketing calendar for each semester ensures messages are consistent and timely. The CDS website, special events and product promotions serve as a primary online content. Secondary content includes other campus-related news and events. Tertiary content can include local news or posts from food and university dining sources.

Online Goals

1. Reach a broader audience across campus

2. Build engagement to and from our customers

3. Reduce printing costs of current marketing methods

4. Increase retail sales and dining plan purchases

Social Media Strategies

1. Direct the CDS website to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages at the beginning of fall semesters to increase awareness

2. Promote social media in other forms, such as job fairs, publications, presentations and point-of-sale signs

3. Interact with customers, other university entities and university events (such as sports) via social media

4. Monitor conversations through alerts and respond accordingly to encourage “likes” and “follows.”

5. Include hashtags when relevant

6. Actively track and evaluate social media analytics

Official MU Colors


Campus Dining Services utilizes Facebook to share aspects of our brand that we are extremely proud of. Facebook is great for event recaps, award recognition, sharing big pieces of the CDS story.


Twitter is the perfect place to share day-to-day updates regarding limited time offers, construction updates, upcoming event information and more. While posts do get drowned out quickly on Twitter, it is still a good way for Campus DIning Services to share short messages with followers.


It is no secret that the food Campus Dining Services prepares is photo worthy. Instagram is a great for sharing those mouth-watering pictures that are captured of popular menu items and limited time offers. Followers are able to see the photos, and a brief description about the menu item they are looking at.

Campus Dining Services and Individual Location Standards

Dining on campus offers a variety of quality choices to fit any schedule and please all palates. Our award-wining staff provides top-notch service across campus in inviting facilities. Mizzou Dining Plans simplify and enhance campus life by saving time and money.

Our mission: Nourishing the Mizzou Spirit through good food – happy people – comfortable places.

Our vision: To be known for our commitment to excellence and passion for people.

Campus Dining Services provides meals in many unique settings. All-you-care-to-eat dining locations include fresh salad bars, delicious entrees, deli sandwiches and much more. Across campus, you will find numerous coffee houses, convenience stores and retail cafes.


Campus Dining Services Logo Vertical (.jpg)
Campus Dining Services Logo Horizontal (.jpg)

The Restaurants at Southwest

The Restaurants at Southwest opened in the Fall of 2017 and offers a wide range of flavors to fit any craving. The facility will house a total of six different restaurants, including Legacy Grill, Tiger Avenue Deli, Olive & Oil, 1+5+3 Soups & Salads, 1839 Kitchen and Truffles. Each location will have an a la carte menu, where guests can order their desired meal, and pay for those specific items. The Restaurants at Southwest is our first cashless operation.

Restaurants at Southwest logo (.jpg)

Restaurants at Southwest Template – Full
Restaurants at Southwest Template – Half

This restaurant features fresh ingredients and “made from scratch” healthy soups. This venue is designed to cater to customers with vegetarian, vegan and allergy-friendly needs by purposefully having a layout that separates ingredients.  It also features the 1•5•3 salad by easily helping the customer to create an individualized and perfect healthy salad!

1•5•3 Salads & Soups logo (.jpg)

1•5•3 Salads & Soups Template – Full
1•5•3 Salads & Soups Template – Half

1839 Kitchen provides tasty comfort foods that warm the soul!  This venue offers rotisserie chicken and may rotate other protein choices.  Other items are a la carte, and there are also platter meals; all have a great “homemade” taste and flavor.  Breakfast choices including housemade oatmeal with various toppings!

1839 Kitchen logo (.jpg)

1839 Kitchen Template – Full
1839 Kitchen Template – Half

This popular venue is a destination for a classic burger and hand-cut fries, which also features quesadillas, nachos and chicken sandwiches. It’s the perfect “hang out” spot in the Southwest area! The décor with its sports-related theme is inspired by its proximity to all sports venues and the athletic complex.

Legacy Grill logo (.jpg)

Legacy Grill Template – Full
Legacy Grill Template – Half

Olive & Oil is a Mediterranean and pasta concept that focuses on lite and healthier fares. Our housemade pasta sauces will delight you with the addition of great toppings.  It is a winning “build-a-bowl” concept!

Olive & Oil logo (.jpg)

Olive & Oil Template – Full
Olive & Oil Template – Half

Tiger Avenue Deli offers a great selection of Philly-style sandwiches prepared, melted, and served hot off the grill. It features high quality bread with customer-selected toppings. Enjoy your hot deli sandwich the way you want it.

Tiger Avenue Deli logo (.jpg)

Tiger Avenue Deli Template – Full
Tiger Avenue Deli Template – Half

Truffles features dessert, high quality smoothies and yogurt parfaits for a healthy option.  Come here for a bagel, quick snack of a cookie or brownie with coffee, or a sweet grab-and-go finale!

Truffles logo (.jpg)

Truffles Template – Full
Truffles Template – Half

Plaza 900/Emporium Café

Plaza 900 is home to “On Stage,” where staff members prepare each order individually. The spacious dining room creates a modern and elegant dining experience.

Located within Plaza 900, Emporium Café is open during morning hours and serves coffee and tea beverages, as well as hot breakfast sandwiches and made-to-order parfaits.

Plaza 900 logo (.jpg)
Plaza 900 logo (.psd)

Plaza 900 Template – Full
Plaza 900 Template – Half

Located within Plaza 900, Emporium Café is open all throughout the day and late night and features a build-your-own parfait bar, fresh sandwiches, made-to-order salads, dessert items, a large refrigerator and freezer section.

It’s the perfect place for a snack or a meal.

Emporium Cafe logo (.jpg)

Emporium Café Template – Full
Emporium Café Template – Half

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Rollins/Rollins @Night

Rollins is known, above all, for pizza and Italian dishes. The sunny and open dining room provides an inviting location for customers to enjoy. It’s convenient location, early morning breakfast and all-you-care-to-eat dining style makes it a perfect place to go when you’re hungry.

Rollins Logo (.jpg)

Rollins Template – Full
Rollins Template – Half

Rollins @Night operates later than any other residential dining location and features favorites like chicken wings, pizza, pasta and sandwiches.

Rollins @Night Logo (.jpg)

Rollins @Night Template – Full
Rollins @Night Template – Half

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The MARK on 5th Street is the newest dining location on campus, open in August 2013. Located in Mark Twain residence hall, The MARK’s main feature is the deli. Every day you’ll find fresh–baked breads, high quality meats and a variety of toppings and cheeses.

The MARK on 5th Street Logo (.jpg)

The MARK Template – Full

The MARK Template – Half


Student Center Dining

Do Mundo’s Churrascaria translates to “of the world’s barbeque places”.  Do Mundo’s brings you the best barbeque the world has to offer without having to travel the globe to get it. From the Pampas region of South America’s gaucho style, to Huli chicken, to Mid-Missouri’s own Piggyback-rubbed pulled pork with our house-made sauces, rubs and seasonings, Do Mundo’s serves the world’s best.

Do Mundo’s Logo (.png)

Do Mundo’s Template – Full
Do Mundo’s Template – Half

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Infusion is a coffee shop serving Kaldi’s Coffee, Firepot Tea, freshly–made pastries, donuts and seasonal fruit for breakfast. Add a smoothie or fresh-squeezed orange juice — infusion offers a variety of hot and cold drinks.

infusion Logo (.png)

infusion Template – Full
infusion Template – Half

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There were two sisters, Kate and Emma, who were always competing with each other — who could do this or that better than the other? Their competitiveness even stretched into the kitchen, creating some of the best sandwiches and wraps one could find. We now bring you the rewards of their efforts with Kate and Emma’s Deli and Wraps. You decide which is better — Kate’s deli or Emma’s wraps?

Kate & Emma’s Logo (.png)

Kate & Emma’s Template – Full
Kate & Emma’s Template – Half


While at MU, Mort Walker and his friends spent many hours together at The Shack. During and from that time with friends, he created the now world famous Beetle Bailey. This was the inspiration for Mort’s in The Shack, a premier dining location in the MU Student Center. The all–beef Shack Burgers are flame–cooked and topped with lettuce, tomato and the original Shack Sauce – a campus legend.  Make the perfect meal by adding an order of onion rings and an iced cold beverage while watching the big game.

Mort’s Logo (.png)

Mort’s Template – Full
Mort’s Template – Half

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Pomodoro is a pizza and pasta concept aptly named after the Italian word for tomato. Pomodoro’s pizzas are cooked in an old-world style oven, delivering a crispy crust.  The marinara sauce is made in–house daily from vine–ripened tomatoes, garlic and a blend of herbs. When you crave pasta, choose from whole grain penne or Mozzarella–filled ravioli, pick your sauce, add some veggies and chicken and let our chefs work their magic right in front of you.

pomodoro Logo (.png)

pomodoro Template – Full
pomodoro Template – Half


Sunshine Sushi is the exclusive sushi of Mizzou! Get made–to–order sushi, or choose from the grab–and–go options. Located in the MU Student Center, Sunshine Sushi is a convenient stop to satisfy any sushi craving. If you eat enough, they might even name a sushi roll after you; just ask Brett!

Sunshine Sushi Logo (.jpg)

Sunshine Sushi Template – Full

Baja Grill/Sabai

The foundations of the Baja Grill menu include the spicy cuisine of foods from South America and the Caribbean. Menu options include burritos, fish tacos and the best smoothies on campus. Baja Grill’s fish tacos are made with fish from Maine that are caught using a sustainable fishing method.

Twitter: @lineatbaja – “Keeping you up-to-date with the current line situation at Baja Grill.”

Baja Grill Logo (.jpg)

Baja Grill Template – Full
Baja Grill Template – Half

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Sabai Logo-01

Sabai is the newest residential a la carte dining location. Opened in August 2014, Sabai features many Southeast Asian favorites, including rice bowls, lettuce wraps, Thai chicken curry and ginger crab wontons. Located inside Johnston Residence Hall, Sabai is the perfect place for a study break or to grab a meal with friends.

Sabai Logo (.jpg)

Sabai Template – Full
Sabai Template – Half

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Mizzou Market
Mizzou Market Logo – No Location (.pdf)
Mizzou Market Logo – No Location (.png)

mizzou market_C

Located on the main level of the Student Center, Mizzou Market – Central is your one stop shop for all of your convenience needs. No matter where you are on campus, the centrally located market is sure to be close by, and always a great place to grab a snack, a coffee or a f’real milkshake. We also have a coffee rewards card that makes your 6th cup of coffee always free. Many school supplies, including Blue Books, are sold inside the market as well. Next time you are in the Student Center, stop by Mizzou Market – Central to see what our newest market has to offer.

Mizzou Market – Central Logo (.jpg)

mizzou market_SW

Located right next to Greek Town inside Center Hall, Mizzou Market – Southwest is your one stop shop for all your convenience needs. The market, open until 11:00pm five days of the week, has thousands of items to choose from. Whether you are looking for a delicious Subway sandwich, a quick snack, some magazines or a coffee, you’ll be able to find it inside Mizzou Market – Southwest. We also have coffee rewards card that makes your 6th cup of coffee always free! The market features many school supplies, including Blue Books, as well. Next time you need a pick-me-up before a class or you are headed to a Mizzou football game, Mizzou Market – Southwest is the perfect place to go.

Mizzou Market – Southwest Logo (.jpg)

mizzou market_Hitt

Located on south Hitt Street in the newly renovated Pershing Commons, Mizzou Market – Hitt Street is your one stop shop for all of your convenience needs. The market features over 6,000 items, including a large freezer section and a f’real machine, a Subway that is open 24/7 and a large study area and computer lab right outside the store. We also have a coffee rewards card that makes your 6th cup of coffee always free! Many school supplies, including Blue Books, are sold inside the market as well. Whether you are leaving the rec and need a post-work out snack or you need to stop and grab a quick meal before class, Mizzou Market – Hitt Street is the perfect place.

Mizzou Market – Hitt Street Logo (.jpg)

Subway Logo

Mizzou Market Template – Full
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Wheatstone Bistro/Bookmark Café/Starbucks/Catalyst Café/j café/Potential Energy Café


Wheatstone Bistro, located in the Memorial Student Union, offers a wide selection of specialty sandwiches, salads, soups, artisan breads and desserts, making it the perfect place for a relaxed lunch or study break.

Wheatstone Bistro Logo (.jpg)

Wheatstone Bistro Template – Full

Wheatstone Bistro Template – Half

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Located in the both historic Memorial Union and on the Southwest area of campus, these fully licensed Starbucks locations have all your favorites. Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality arabica coffee in the world.

Starbucks Logo (.png)

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jcafe_final LOGO

The best journalism school is also home to the best café. J café offers soups, salads, sandwiches and freshly–baked pastries. Located in the Reynolds Journalism Institute, j café was designed around a journalism theme – from menu items to colors.

j Café Logo (.jpg)

j café Template – Full

j café Template – Half

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Catalyst Café is perfect for coffee and a sweet treat or a delicious lunch from the contemporary menu offerings. Catalyst Café proudly serves Kaldi’s© coffee and Numi© tea. Catalyst Café features large windows and plenty of natural light for a comfortable meal, and offers the best specialty salads on campus.

Catalyst Café Logo (.png)

Catalyst Café Template – Full

Catalyst Café Template – Half

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Bookmark Café, located on the lower level of Ellis Library, offers a cozy spot to get a coffee or snack to fuel long study sessions. Bookmark Café’s menu includes Hot Chocolate, Kaldi’s© coffee, Numi© teas, fresh–baked cookies and select Wheatstone Bistro salads and sandwiches.

Bookmark Café Logo (.jpg)

Bookmark Café Template – Full

Bookmark Café Template – Half

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Potential Energy Café

Potential Energy Café is our newest café, located inside the recently renovated Lafferre Hall. The café features delicious espresso drinks, hot breakfast sandwiches, salads and lunch items prepared by Wheatstone Bistro, Harold’s Doughnuts, and more!

Potential Energy Café Logo (.png)

Potential Energy Café – Full

Potential Energy Café – Half