‘Her extensive work with NACUFS has given her a far reach in the industry.’

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From FSD: Foodservice Director has undertaken a bold initiative by identifying people who we believe are having the biggest impact on non-commercial
foodservice. Our list may surprise you and should certainly intrigue you. Our honorees have backgrounds as varied as their personalities. They range from the father of the modern-day food truck to the wife of a sitting president. They include operators and suppliers, chefs and consultants, CEOs and civil servants. There are traditionalists and there are mavericks. Well-known names share space with hot newcomers. In all, 17 people, two groups of individuals and one institution compose the list. It’s time to meet FSD’s 20 Most Influential.

Some people influence others by making headlines and splashy announcements. Others influence by digging in and working hard. Julaine Kiehn is a digger. What Kiehn has done to influence the industry in her 24 years in foodservice has helped nurture and guide those around her.

“Julaine has been a mentor to me personally, but beyond myself, she has given dedicated service to the C&U industry in many ways by giving her time, talents and expertise,” said Joie Schoonover, director of dining and culinary services at the University of Wisconsin.

Schoonover said she believes Kiehn’s extensive work with the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) has given her such a far reach. Kiehn served as the association’s president in 1998-1999 and has served as the education committee chair. Beginning in 2001, Kiehn chaired a committee that revamped the NACUFS Professional Institute Program, which offers eight educational institutes for members who want to enhance their professional development. Through her efforts with this program, Kiehn has been the unrecognized mentor of every person who has gone through the institutes.

“Many of the institutes are offered to teach, coach and mentor in a style that Julaine uses with her own staff to ensure that they understand all aspects of the business they are privileged to run,” Schoonover says. “She is always available to assist others as they are working through situations on their own campuses. She enjoys watching others grow and develop. She is a true mentor, coach and cheerleader.”