There is a good chance you have seen some of our blueberry promotions across campus, and we wanted to write a quick blog post to go over what will be happening next week!

The Student Center will be featuring special items all throughout the week and most of our locations. These include a blueberry orzo salad at Kate & Emma’s, blueberry lemonade and blueberry fruit cups at infusion, blueberry BBQ sauce at Do Mundo’s and blueberry syrup for the french toast at Mort’s. That’s enough for you to try one new blueberry item every day of the week!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.09.26 PM   Blueberry Residential

The residential locations are having all of their fun on one day. Thursday, February 27, all locations will have a ton of blueberry items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Blueberry parfaits in the morning, blueberry-chipotle chicken wings for lunch and blueberry-jalapeño glazed pork loin for dinner should make for one delicious day!

We’re looking forward to it and can’t wait for everything to get started. Let us know how everything is! We will be posting photos of all of the food that we can here on the blog and on Instagram and Twitter!