Olive & Oil


Item Price
Breadstick $1.00
Extra Meat $3.00
Extra Sauce $1.50
Extra Toppings $0.75
Fountain Beverage $1.85
Hummus Plate (choice of classic and roasted red pepper)

Hummus, grilled Naan, 3 toppings, cucumbers and carrots

Mediterranean Bowl

Bed of sauteed garden vegetables with choice of meat and toppings (3), served with a breadstick

Pasta Bowl

Choice of pasta/sauce/meat/toppings served with a breadstick


Item Price
pasta & olive oil

choice of pasta/olive oil/cheese/breadstick

Regular $3.50
pasta & sauce

choice of pasta/sauce/cheese/breadstick

Regular $5.00
value meal

choice of pasta/sauce/cheese/breadstick/drink

Regular $5.75