The theme for National Nutrition Month for 2017 is “Put Your Best Fork Forward”. There are many different lifestyles that people can live by and be healthy. The fact of the matter is that the little choices we make from day to day area what define our lifestyles as healthy. Adhering to one specific diet to “be healthy” or to lose weight rarely works for anyone, at least not for the long term. Why is that?

Trying a new or popular diet isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, trying to adhere to a regimen that is so far removed from your usual routine or regular environment is doomed to fail. Putting your best fork forward is just another way to say that you are going to make wise choices regularly that fit into the lifestyle you already have in an effort to be healthier. Campus Dining Services offers a wide variety of selections as well as nutrition information to help you put your best fork forward. Throughout the month of March, look for different activities and events that can help you improve your nutrition knowledge, try new things, make wise choices and create healthy habits.

March 6-10, 2017—Zoutrition Awareness Week

  • Participate in nutrition education games to boost your nutrition knowledge and learn about Zoutrition.
  • Visit the “Meet the Dietitian” tables on Wednesday, March 8, and wish our dietitians a happy National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist’s Day!
  • Join our first Culinary Nutrition Series class on Thursday, March 9, at our Culinary Development Kitchen and learn how to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal.

March 13-17, 2017—Vegan and Vegetarian Awareness Week

  • Play Vegan and Vegetarian Bingo all week! Pick up a bingo card at any residential dining location and sample our vegan and vegetarian options. Enter your completed card for a drawing for an iPad Mini.
  • Look for new vegan and vegetarian recipes being sampled at The MARK on 5th Street, Pavilion at Dobbs, Plaza 900, and Rollins.
  • Participate in the second Culinary Nutrition Series class, “Plants on the Plate”, in the Culinary Development Kitchen on Monday, March 13.

March 20-24, 2017—Put Your Best Fork Forward with MyPlate!

  • Learn how the USDA and MyPlate can help make any lifestyle healthier.
  • Look for the featured menu item and learn about its food group.
  • Taste exotic fruits at lunch on Tuesday, March 21.