This week we are focusing on vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles. Choosing to eat this way can help you go further with food in several ways. The typical American diet is high in calories, protein, and saturated fat. Choosing to eat less meat (flexitarian), no meat (vegetarian), or no animal products at all (vegan) can naturally help lower your saturated fat intake, raise your fiber and vitamin intake, and help put fat, carbohydrates, and proteins back into balance. Applying flexitarian principles to your current diet can help you try out a healthier lifestyle without giving up all the things you love.

Flexitarians typically report better health, weight loss, more energy, and financial savings. Principles of eating flexitarian include:

  1. Make plants the center of the plate! Use meat as a flavor component instead of the entrée.
  2. Eat more vegetarian proteins like lentils, beans, nuts, and soy products.
  3. Make sure that protein, fats, and carbohydrates are represented in each meal or snack you eat.

Campus Dining Services offers various vegetarian and vegan options in each of our facilities, and we want you to find them all! We invite you to play Vegan and Vegetarian Bingo now through March 16. Pick up a card at any participating location and try out the items listed. There are two versions of the card out there so play the one you want! Here are the rules:


  1. Between March 5-16: Pick up a card at any cashier or station serving a featured item.
  2. Ask for a stamp with your selection.
  3. When you complete a line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, fill out the information below and turn it in at any cashier.
  4. Completed cards will be entered into a raffle for various prizes. Prizewinners will be drawn by March 23, 2018.
  5. Check the Blog at for more information and hints where to find the featured items.