Today we start a regular series to introduce your Campus Dining Services chefs across campus. Meet Brian Lambiotte from Plaza 900!

  1. Tell us your favorite ingredient and describe it in three words.
    Fresh Rosemary: Fragrant, Savory, Versatile
  2. Best dish you’ve ever made.
    I love making Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings for the whole family every year.  Mixing classics with some experimental sides is my favorite.  The first time I met my in-laws was over a holiday dinner I made for them… and it was awesome!
  3. If you could cook a meal for anyone, who would it be?
    My grandmother.
  4. Favorite CDS event.
    Plaza 900’s Bengal Rock Party – it’s always crazy exciting and the highlight of my year!
  5. Where do you look for inspiration?
    My 5-year-old daughter Josie is my current muse.  She is a picky eater, so if I can get her to try it and like it, I feel I can get the students to too.
  6. I can’t stop eating ____.
    Wheat Thins.  I know processed food and sodium are so bad for me.  Whatever, they’re delicious with the perfect snap and crunch.  Whole grains are good right?
  7. Best culinary experience you’ve ever had?
    My wife took me to Michael Richard’s Citronelle in Washington D.C. to celebrate my graduation from culinary school.  The most amazing kitchen, food and service I have ever experienced.
  8. When did you realize you wanted to be a chef?
    As a child, I always enjoyed cooking and baking with my grandmother.  I wish I could have cooked for her after my culinary training.  In my eyes, she still is the best cook ever!
  9. Education.
    I went to culinary school at the Art Institute of Washington, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication at James Madison University.  Go Dukes!
  10. Basic bio info (from where? family, pets, hobbies?)
    I am an East Coast guy, who grew up on the water.  My wife and I love the beach, boating, and seafood.  So far my daughter is only keen on fish sticks.  We need to get her back to Virginia more often!  I have a yellow lab, Buttercup.  You’ll never guess who named her.  I enjoy tennis, softball, disc golf, reading and cooking…  shocker.  I love being a Chef with Campus Dining Services at Mizzou.  The school is awesome and the students are so great about trying new things and really letting us know when they like something.  Go Tigers!

Finally, here’s a recipe from Brian for you to try at home!