Eric CartwrightMeet Eric Cartwright, our Executive Chef of Campus Dining Services. We interviewed Eric to get to know him a bit better, and here is what he had to say.

  1. Tell us your favorite ingredient and describe it in three words.
    Butter – smooth, rich, creamy.
  2. Best dish you’ve ever made.
    Lobster and Truffle Mac-n-Cheese.
  3. If you could cook a meal for anyone, who would it be?
    Definitely the CDS marketing team![We appreciate that, Eric!]
  4. Favorite CDS event.
    Taste of Missouri. Having the opportunity to focus on the local foods we offer from farms around Missouri is really special.
  5. Where do you look for inspiration?
    Eating out around town and when I travel, various Farmer’s Markets and trade magazines.
  6. I can’t stop eating ____.
    Newton’s Cranberry Fruit Thins – I’m not into sweets but they are just addictive.
  7. Best culinary experience you’ve ever had?
    Culinary Enrichment and Innovation Program at the Culinary Institute of America.
  8. When did you realize you wanted to be a chef?
    I’ve cooked my entire life, but around 16 my mom said “what are you going to do?” Cooking seemed logical.
  9. Education.
    Johnson and Wales University, Culinary Arts
    University of Missouri, Business Management (in progress)
  10. Basic bio info (from where? family, pets, hobbies?)
    Hometown – Gloucester, Virginia.
    Pets – 6 horses, 2 dogs, 6 cats.
    Hobbies – gardening, woodworking.

Lastly, here is a delicious recipe from Eric that you can make at home!