Sous Chef Jeremy Elmore MU Campus Dining ServicesMeet Sous Chef Jeremy Elmore from the MU Student Center. Jeremy has been a repeat winner of our CDS Iron Chef competition and just last month, he won gold at a regional culinary competition!

  1. Tell us your favorite ingredient and describe it in three words.
    Fresh Tomato. Sweet, acidic, & healthy.
  2. Best dish you’ve ever made.
    It would be my Coffee Rubbed Duck Breast with Black Currant Reduction, Pulled Duck Thigh, Spinach Gnocchi Parisienne & Batonnet Carrots.  It helped me achieve my first Gold Medal in an ACF sanctioned event.
  3. If you could cook a meal for anyone, who would it be?
    It would have to be Auguste Escoffier or James Beard.  It would be an honor to hear their critique and compliments.
  4. Favorite CDS event.
    My favorite event would have been our Fun Day event we have for our staff and they were allowed to throw water balloons at the management staff and able to dunk us in the water tank.
  5. Where do you look for inspiration?
    Everywhere. The refrigerator, my staff or over a cold adult beverage.
  6. I can’t stop eating ____.
    Gummi bears.  Don’t get me started.
  7. Best culinary experience you’ve ever had?
    The night of Lobsterfest the CDS chefs and I had a few years back.  Butter poached lobster…mmmm.
  8. When did you realize you wanted to be a chef?
    I realized it when I was a junior in high school.  I was working at a pizza & deli store and had an extreme passion for food.  So, my closest friends suggested culinary school and once I was accepted, I never looked back.
  9. Education.
    I received an Associates in Culinary Arts from Sullivan University, Louisville, KY.  I then continued my education at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY, earning a Bachelors in Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management.
  10. Basic bio info (from where? family, pets, hobbies?)
    I am originally from Bowling Green, KY, moved to Missouri upon graduating and have worked for the University since.  I have two cats, Natty and Skittles, and a dog, Reese.  When I am not in the kitchen, I like to spend my time playing basketball, golf, disc golf, tennis, long distance running and the occasional yard work.  I’m currently engaged, Grace, and the wedding is later this year. 🙂

Finally, here’s an original recipe from Jeremy!

Sous Chef Jeremy Elmore recipe MU Campus Dining Services