La Boulange

Our Starbucks, located inside Memorial Union, is a part of the Starbucks movement that will change the game. We are now offering La Boulange pastries and breakfast sandwiches.

La Boulange is a San Francisco bakery and café that has been serving artisanal pastries, and great food since 1996. From the beginning, a passion to offer wholesome food has made La Boulange a local favorite. Now we’re bringing their delicious food to you. Like Starbucks and coffee, La Boulange has always stood for so much more than just finely baked goods. 

La Boulange believes in whole foods made from the finest ingredients, including specialty grain, European-style butter and locally sourced produce. High quality ingredients, including: specialty grains, single origin chocolate and real butter.

The breakfast sandwiches include: Egg and Cheddar, Vegetable and Fontiago, Turkey Bacon, Ham & Cheese Croissant, Sausage Croissant Roll, Bacon Gouda Ciabatta, Sausage & Egg and Spinach and Egg White Wrap.

Every pasty can now be warmed, and pair great with your favorite Starbucks drink. Some of our personal favorites include the Chocolate Marble Cake, a warm Michigan Cherry Oat Bar and the addictive Sausage Croissant Roll.

Come visit our store and get to know us. We are so much more than what we brew.