Campus Dining Services Pride Points

Nourishing the Mizzou Spirit through good food, happy people, comfortable places

From our 2005 Ivy Award to our award winning Chefs, Campus Dining Services at the University of Missouri has a lot to be proud of. Our six pride points, Culinary Expertise, Student Experiences, Excellence, Sustainability, Facilities, Products & Services, and our People help us tell OUR story and its impact to those dining with us here at Mizzou. These pride points guide our messaging and are highlights of excellence in collegiate dining.

Culinary Expertise

With numerous award-winning and culinary educated chefs working with Campus Dining Services, our operations are able to provide high-quality products to our customers at all of our locations. In addition, events like our Culinary Discovery Series give students and guests the opportunity to learn about dining in a completely new way – watching amazing dishes being prepared before their eyes (and then enjoying them, of course!).

Student Experiences

Campus Dining Services takes pride in the experiences that take place at our locations – whether you are a student grabbing lunch on your way to class, or you one of our 650 student employees. When new semesters begin, many new friendships are made inside a dining hall and the comfortable and inviting atmospheres help to make that happen.

Our student employees are preparing for real-world experiences, learning professional development and people skills that are hard to learn in the classroom.


Dining at Mizzou is more than just great food, it’s all about the experience. Our program has won the coveted Ivy Award, has been named a top 10 dining program, regularly featured in many national publications and has multiple award-winning restaurants and operations. Eric Cartwright, CDS Executive Chef, is also a two-time winning ACF Gold Medal Chef.


Knowledge is the key to success in developing positive habits. Commitment begins with a personal understanding of the social and environmental impact we have, and the roles we play individually and as a community. Earthright is a project dedicated to sustainable practices within Campus Dining Services. Our commitment is to make right decisions and take right actions to continually improve each step we affect in this cycle. How we harvest, package and transport food are important to a healthy food cycle. Campus Dining Services supports local and sustainable producers to the benefit of our customers.

Facilities, Products and Services

With 22 operations across the Mizzou campus, and even more to come, CDS has a number of facilities to maintain and operate. Campus Dining Services takes pride in having locations that are award-winning, and many that are leading the way in higher education dining across the country.


Campus Dining Services is a successful self-operated campus food service, currently serving over four million meals per year with nearly 200 full-time staff and 650 student employees. Our employees make this possible and are committed to our mission of Nourishing the Mizzou Spirit through good food, happy people, comfortable places. An organization is only as good as its people, and that’s what makes CDS so great.