The recommendations that the USDA makes for Americans to build a healthy lifestyle have evolved over the years. When the food guide pyramid was still in use, it focused on how many servings to eat each day from each of the four food groups. That approach left too many questions that were not always answered clearly. For example, how much is a serving? It says 6-11 servings of grains; do I do 6 or 11 or somewhere in between? To help clarify the questions and make it easier to use, the USDA introduced MyPlate. This shifted the focus from having to count all day to just looking at what is in front of you during your usual meals. Each day this week, we are featuring a dish that highlights a particular food group, as well as the listing recommendations that MyPlate has for that group.

Monday: Grain Day—Make half your grains whole!

Tuesday: Fruit Day—Choose whole fruits and try a variety with our exotic fruit tasting.

Wednesday: Lean Protein Day—Choose healthy proteins, including lean meats, eggs, beans, soy products, and nuts.

Thursday: Dairy Day—Low-fat milk and yogurt as sides for your meals are only a few options! Use low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese as an ingredient in a recipe.

Friday: Vegetable Day—Eat the rainbow with a fresh vegetable medley!