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Secret Shoppers

Every semester, Campus Dining Services recruits a number of students, faculty and staff members to take part in our Secret Shopper program. The program provides great insight into how our customers portray our operations, and is vital to our success.

What is a Secret Shopper?

A secret shopper is a person who has registered and was selected to shop at CDS operations and to observe how well we are meeting strategic goals.

What Will a Secret Shopper Do?

A different secret shopper will visit every Campus Dining Services operation each week for a total of 24 shops per semester. Secret Shoppers sign up for available positions online, and once the shop is complete, an online form is completed and submitted to Campus Dining Services.

The Ideal Candidate

• Student, staff, or faculty member
• Committed to the program for one semester
• Lives on campus or visits regularly
• A foodie who loves taking pictures of their meals
• Responsible, punctual and descriptive writer

If you think you would be a good addition to our Secret Shopper program, please fill out this form. If chosen, you will be hearing from us soon.

Apply Here!


If you are a secret shopper and you have visited one of the locations below, please complete an evaluation.

Dietary Needs

Campus Dining Services strives to provide choices at every location that can meet a wide variety of dietary practices, restrictions and food allergies. If you have a specific concern or question about what is available, please contact us.

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