When: Thursday, September 24, during dinner

Where: The MARK on 5th Street, Pavilion at Dobbs, Plaza 900

Taste of Missouri, an annual special event, gives students a chance to meet the producers of our great local foods that we feature on a daily basis at our dining halls. This year, the event will be on Thursday, September 24 during dinner. Plaza 900, Pavilion at Dobbs and The MARK on 5th Street will be participating.

The complete menu will include: 

Les Bourgeois Sparkling Grape Juice
Burger’s Smokehouse Summer Sausage
Cool Cow Cheese
Salinova and Goatsbeard Feta Salad (Pierpont/Goatsbeard)
Marinated Tomato & Cucumber Salad (Pierpont/Wilson’s)
Carp & Corn Chowder
Carved Missouri Legacy Beef
Missouri Lamb Stew (MU Meat Market)
Grilled Pork Bratwurst (Patchwork Family Farms)
Caprese Ravioli with Monterey Cream Sauce (Louisa)
Garden Vegetable Medley (Wilson’s/Pierpont)
Roasted Tomatoes (Pierpont)
Brown Rice Pilaf (Martin Rice)
Buck’s Tiger Stripe Ice Cream (Buck’s Ice Cream Parlor)
Root Beer Floats
Gooey Butter Cake (Companion Baking)

Here is a specific list of which producers will be at certain locations:

The MARK will host:

  • Cool Cow Cheese – Tom & Martha Blatchford from Martha & Tom’s Farm in Owensville, MO
  • Asian Carp with Carp & Corn Chowder – Mark Morgan, professor and Grad Student from Mizzou
  • Martin Rice – Mike Martin with Martin Rice company from Bernie, MO

Pavilion at Dobbs will host:

  • Missouri Legacy Beef with Mark Mahnken from Salisbury, MO
  • Smoked Bratwurst from Patchwork Farms – Alex Ewing
  • Caprese Ravioli from Louisa – Rachel Gaertner from St. Louis

Plaza 900 will host:

  • Summer Sausage from Burgers’ Smokehouse in California, MO – demo team, not sure of names yet
  • Sparkling Grape Juice from Les Bourgeois Vineyards – Austin Gacich is tentative at this time
  • Salinova lettuce from Pierpont Farms – Rob Hemwall in Pierpont, MO
  • Fizzy Izzy Root beer from Crown Valley Winery in St. Genevieve, MO – Todd Davenport
  • Gooey Butter Cake from Companion Baking in St. Louis, MO – Tina Vass