Summer is in full swing here at Mizzou! The temperature is rising, the pool is open and future freshmen from all over the country are visiting Mizzou for their Summer Welcome session. Throughout each session, students and their parents have the opportunity to visit a residence hall room, choose a class schedule, get their ID card and hear from a number of organizations on campus. It’s a great time to be on campus at Mizzou, and Campus Dining Services is in the heart of it all – answering all of the questions from parents and students about dining plans and our locations. We wanted to write a blog post to touch on some of the frequently asked questions that we hear, just in case you have the same one!

1. Dining Plans – How do they work? Do the meals expire?

There is some variety when it comes to the dining plans that we offer, and it will depend on the individual’s eating habits to determine which is the best choice. Our most popular option, Block 225, ends up being 14 meals a week. We also offer a Block 175 (11 meals per week) and a Block 275 (17 meals per week). While it is easier to break the meal totals down into weeks, they do not actually expire until the end of the semester. This means if you go home for a weekend and don’t use four meals, you will still have those when you get back on Monday, and can use them until the last day of the semester at any residential dining location.

Once you have a class schedule, use this calculator form to help you decide how many meals you will need. Will you go to breakfast every day? How about eating out with friends on the weekend? Keep in mind that unused meals do not carry over to the next semester. And remember that you can change your dining plan until the last day to drop a course without a grade on the academic calendar.

2. E.Z. Charge – If we are purchasing a dining plan, why would we also need E.Z. Charge?

You never have to worry about being hungry and caught without cash with an E.Z. Charge account. E.Z. Charge is the simplest solution for meals, snacks and beverages on campus. It works one of two ways: add money to your Prepaid E.Z. Charge account (most IDs automatically have this activated without money loaded) at, or come see us at our office, located at 900 Virginia Avenue (above Plaza 900) to convert to a Pay–as–you–go E.Z. Charge account. You must use any money left on the prepaid account before filling out the form for Pay–as–you–go E.Z. Charge.

If you already have a dining plan, adding a small amount of E.Z. Charge is a great way to make sure you are always able to grab a snack or drink at any of our retail locations across campus. Many vending machines accept E.Z. Charge! If you need any more information, you can find it here.

3. Hours – What if we want breakfast before class or a midnight snack? Is anything open?

Campus Dining Services makes it easy to grab something to eat at any time of the day. Whether you are an early riser or a night owl – you can almost always get something delicious to eat. All-you-care-to-eat breakfast service begins at 7:00 a.m. for breakfast at Rollins (the first classes start at 8:00 a.m.) and Rollins Late Night serves made-to-order pizza and hot wings until 1:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday. Not to mention, the Subway at Mizzou Market – Hitt Street is open 24/7 during the school year! You really can get something any time of the day.

4. Locations – I’m living in a residence hall connected to a dining location, so can I only eat there?

As long as you have a dining plan, you can eat at any residential dining location on campus! If you have a class by The MARK on 5th Street and want to grab lunch there, you can. If you live by Pavilion at Dobbs but want to grab dinner at Baja Grill, you can. We put the menus of all of our locations online and on our Facebook page, so you can always know what to expect and where you want to eat.

5. Variety – What if I just want a bagel or a bag of chips? Do I need to use one whole meal for that? 

Having the ability to go to an all-you-care-to-eat residential location to eat all you want is great, but what about those mornings when you just want something small before class or before a night class when you need a quick pick-me-up? We have you covered! Located within our residential dining locations, places like Emporium and Time Out feature smaller à la carte items that can be purchased using partial meals. These items can range from a hot tea for .1 meal to a large yogurt parfait for .6 meal. Having these options help make a dining plan go much farther, and give you more flexibility when it comes to meals like breakfast and snacks.

6. Employment – With so many location, you guys must require a lot of help. Do you frequently hire students?

Campus Dining Services actually hires more students than any other department on campus! Part-time jobs with Campus Dining Services offer more than you may expect. You start above minimum wage and pay rates are reviewed and adjusted regularly to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve. In addition to a good wage, you receive on-the-job training to develop professionalism, customer service, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and communication skills – important traits for all career paths. Student employees can also enjoy $.66 meals before, during or immediately after each shift. Nine annual scholarships are also awarded to student staff members, ranging from $750 – $1250.

Working for Campus Dining Services is a great opportunity to enhance your time at Mizzou and to have some extra spending money! For more information, please email Susan Dayton at To apply, print an application from our website, email it to Susan or drop it off at the CDS location where you want to work.

I hope that this post answered any questions that you had! Summer Welcome takes place until mid-July, so if there are any new questions that we hear, we will add them to a future post. If you still have any questions, please let us know! You can reach us at our office on Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at (573) 882-3663, or anytime by email at

Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and to ask any questions. We hope you enjoyed your time at Summer Welcome if you have already visited, and we look forward to meeting you if you haven’t yet! Enjoy the rest of your summer!