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Save up to 63% Off the Cash Price at All 29 Locations


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Get big discounts at all Campus Dining Services locations, including Starbucks and Student Center Dining. The Tiger Plan is here, and you can order now for Fall 2018.

What Students Are Saying About The Tiger Plan

The Tiger Plan was released last year and there were a variety of reasons why students loved using the dining plan. Find out what students are saying about The Tiger Plan.

"I love The Tiger Plan. I get the best deals and it’s the best thing. I have recommended it to all of my friends who live off campus. I love it." –Madison W.



off at restaurants*

Example at Mort's
Order Tiger Plan Cash
Double Shack Burger $2.10 $4.19
Cheese Fries $1.55 $3.09
Total $3.65 $7.28


off at all-you-care-to-eat locations

Example at Plaza 900
Door Price Tiger Plan Cash
Breakfast $3.33 $9.00
Lunch/Brunch $4.07 $11.00
Dinner $4.07 $11.00


off at Mizzou Markets*

Example at Mizzou Market
Order Tiger Plan Cash
Coffee $1.30 $1.59
Snickers $1.03 $1.29
Total $2.33 $2.99
*The plan is honored at Sunshine Sushi, however there is no discount.

How to Maximize The Tiger Plan Value

Here are a few tips to maximize the value of your Tiger Plan.

  1. Add the additional $100 in flex dollars (the max you can). This immediately adds more purchasing power at all of our facilities. That $100 is valued at $200 at restaurants, $120 at Mizzou Markets or $270 at all-you-care-to-eat facilities.
  2. Eat at all-you-care-to-eat facilities 100% of the time. $945 total value on The Tiger Plan and $1702 total value on The Tiger Plan Plus.
  3. Eat at all-you-care-to-eat facilities 50% of the time. The extra value covers the base cost.

"Super flexible and helpful when I don’t have time to go to a dining hall so I can utilize student center." –Troy D.


Breaking Down The Tiger Plan

One of the top three requests from our customers related to dining plans is the ability to use it anywhere on campus. With that in mind, we developed The Tiger Plan and The Tiger Plan Plus for off-campus students (The Tiger Plan Platinum was created for on-campus students).

The Tiger Plan was designed to provide a ton of value combined with flexibility of dining anywhere on campus. Here is how it works.

Three Convenient Options

*The plan is honored at Sunshine Sushi, however there is no discount.

50% off at Mort's, Starbucks, j café & more


How the Plan Works

The Tiger Plan is our most flexible dining plan. The Tiger Plan and The Tiger Plan Plus are available to returning students and students who live off-campus. The Tiger Plan Platinum is available  to all students, including on-campus freshman.

The plan has two components: a base cost to cover fixed expenses including labor, utilities, maintenance, Student Affairs programs and services and the remainder as flexible spending/decreasing balance dollars. All Campus Dining Services locations honor The Tiger Plans. A discount of up to 63% applies on your purchases, depending on where the plan is used.

Flex dollars roll over from Fall Semester to Spring Semester, and expire at the end of the Spring Semester. If the customer cancels the plan, a refund of the prorated amount of the flex dollars is given. The base cost is retained by Campus Dining Services.

If The Tiger Plan is purchased for Fall Semester, the plan automatically renews for the Spring Semester unless canceled by the due date.

  • In the all-you-care-to-eat locations, the customer receives a 63% discount on the cash price.
    • This category includes Rollins, Plaza 900, and The MARK on 5th Street (lunch).
  • In our restaurants, the customer receives a 50% discount* on the cash price.
    • This category includes 1•5•3 Salads & Soups, 1839 Kitchen, Baja Grill, Bookmark Café, Catalyst Café, Do Mundo’s, Emporium Café, infusion, j café, Kate & Emma’s, Legacy Grill, The MARK on 5th Street (breakfast and dinner), Mort’s, Olive & Oil, pomodoro, Potential Energy Café, Rollins @Night, Sabai, Starbucks (Memorial Union and Southwest), Sunshine Sushi, Tiger Avenue Deli, Truffles and Wheatstone Bistro.
    • *The plan is honored at Sunshine Sushi; however there is no discount.
  • In the Mizzou Market Convenience Stores, the customer receives a 20% discount on the cash price.
    • This category includes all Mizzou Market convenience stores & Subways (Central, Hitt Street, and Southwest).
  • Gift cards cannot be purchased using The Tiger Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Flex Dollars roll over to the spring semester?
Remaining Flex Dollars will carry over to the spring semester if your plan automatically renews (see below) OR another Tiger Plan is purchased in the spring semester.
Does the plan renew automatically?
If The Tiger Plan is purchased for a fall semester, the plan will automatically renew for the spring semester unless cancelled by December 1.
Who is eligible for the plan?
Student living off campus may purchase the Tiger Plan.
What do I do if I use all my flex dollars?
The customer can add up to $100 in additional flex dollars per semester. To do this, simply call our office at 573-882-3663, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.
When do the flex dollars expire?
Flex dollars roll-over from the fall to the spring, but do expire at the end of the spring semester.
Can I cancel my plan?
Yes. If the customer cancels the plan, a refund will be given according to the prorate chart. Customers will be refunded the flex dollars only. The base cost will be retained by Campus Dining Services.
What is the base cost?
The base costs of the Tiger Plan covers fixed expenses, including labor, utilities, maintenance and repairs, mortgage, and Student Affairs programs and services.
Is this the right plan for me?
Campus Dining Services offers many options for students living off-campus. To help you decide which option is best for your needs, visit this page: How to Choose the Right Dining Plan.

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“It’s a perfect plan for students who live in an apartment because there are so many places that they can eat at throughout the day including the dining halls, morts, subway, and it saves me from having to cook so much.” –John L.

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