Campus Dining Services has options at every location to meet a wide range of dietary preferences, restrictions and allergies. One of the questions we get most frequently is “what do we have that’s vegan?” Zoutrition can be an excellent source of the information that vegan students are looking for but we also know it isn’t perfect. Many of our locations offer customizable menu items that can be prepared in a vegan way, but in Zoutrition it can be hard to pinpoint which ingredients are vegan when selecting these items. So, we have created a vegan ingredient quick guide to help make selecting the ingredients you want just a little bit easier.

Each location will have this information at the register in case you need it. Be sure to check Zoutrition often for any updates in manufacturers and ingredients. If you have questions please visit our contact page.

Kristen Hasan, MPH, RD 
Campus Dining Services | University of Missouri
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