Happy spring semester and welcome back!

Also, while we’re at it, welcome to our brand new website! I thought a quick blog post that would go over things wouldn’t hurt. Here is what you can expect to see on the new dining.missouri.edu.

Blog: Updated regularly and often, this blog will feature product and location information, event recaps, news articles that CDS employees and locations have been featured in, recipes, interviews with staff members and a whole lot more. It wouldn’t be a bad one to follow, so hit that bookmark button.

earthright-leaf-white1Earthright: There is a ton of new information about Earthright and everything that Campus Dining Services does on a daily basis to help with sustainability.  Our commitment is to make right decisions and take right actions to continually improve each step we affect in this cycle. You can now read more information about specific projects that we are working on and get to know some of the local farmers that we purchase from.

Plaza 900 ConstructionMaster Renovation Plan: There are times that renovations need to be made in order to provide the best food in the most comfortable place possible. It is no secret that a few of our locations have recently undergone, or are about to begin, major renovations, and we wanted to use this space to inform you of the changes being made, estimated completion dates of the projects and what you can expect when they are completed. We are always excited when a new construction project begins because it means a better facility for you. Whether we are adding new seats, expanding a kitchen or creating new office space, the changes will make your experience with Campus Dining Services the best it can possibly be. This page will be a fantastic way to keep track of the Sabai and Plaza 900 construction.

Jobs: We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get employment information from the different CDS locations in one place. Part-time jobs with Campus Dining Services offer more than you may expect. You start above minimum wage and pay rates are reviewed and adjusted regularly to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.  In addition to a good wage, you receive on-the-job training to develop professionalism, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and communication skills– important traits for all career paths. This page can guide you to the perfect position for you.

FAQ: Let’s face it. Grabbing a bite to eat a few times a day isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Having dining plans and EZ Charge, more than a dozen locations to choose from and then trying to make healthy decisions on top of that can all get confusing. We want to answer your questions as best we can so we have created an FAQ page to get the basics out of the way. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for just give us a call at 573-882-FOOD.

Lastly, hoursmenu and Zoutrition information will always be available and up to date (as long as I’m on top of my game!).

If you have any questions about the website or find any bugs, please let us know! You can shoot us an email mufood@missouri.edu or on Twitter @mucampusdining!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week back in the classroom.