This past semester, Campus Dining Services has been piloting a brand new dining plan, called The Tiger Plan. The Tiger Plan is a dining plan designed specifically for off-campus students, with benefits targeted towards a student who isn’t on campus as much as they once were, but still love the taste and convenience of our locations. The past few months have given hundreds of students the opportunity to try the new dining plan, and we recently reached out to these dining plan holders to ask what feedback they had regarding the plan. Here is what some had to say:


“The Tiger Plan makes prices for meals very reasonable and allows me to enjoy more dining options at Mizzou.” –Nathan G.

“Super flexible and helpful when I don’t have time to go to a dining hall so I can utilize student center.” –Troy D.

“The Tiger Plan is very beneficial, especially for students who live off campus and do not use swipes. It offers great locations to eat at, and the plan is very inexpensive.” –Mario W.

“The Tiger Plan has made my busy commuter schedule possible. I don’t know what I would do without it. I am a person that eats quite a bit, and frequently. Between workouts and pt and work and classes, stopping into the all-you-can-eat dining halls around campus for a quickthirtyminutee breakfast lunch or dinner for a fantastic price allows me to focus more on the important parts of my day and less about meal prep and logistics of finding places to eat off campus. Thank you Mizzou for this awesome plan!” -Josiah B.

“It’s a perfect plan for students who live in an apartment because there are so many places that they can eat at throughout the day including the dining halls, morts, subway, and it saves me from having to cook so much.” –John L.

“It’s dopeeeeee” –Joshua V.

“I love The Tiger Plan. I get the best deals and it’s the best thing. I have recommended it to all of my friends who live off campus. I love it.” –Madison W.

“I think the tiger plan is a great plan for off-campus living.  I love seeing how much money I save each purchase.  I love The Tiger Plan.” –Ann M.

“It is really convenient when you are on campus and you don’t have anything to eat or if you have a late night study session in Ellis and need some late night after.” –Ajah L.

“It’s the perfect amount of meals for an off-campus student who also likes to cook at home. I love how I can have all my classes on three days and not have to worry about bringing breakfast lunch and dinner with me.” –Maddison T.

The Tiger Plan is available now for students living off-campus. The plan has two components: a base cost to cover fixed expenses including labor, utilities, maintenance and repairs, mortgage, Student Affairs programs and services and the remainder as flexible spending/decreasing balance dollars that can be used in all Campus Dining Services locations. Because the customer has already paid the base cost, a discount applies, depending on where the plan is used.