Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my dining plan?

Dining plan change forms are accepted until the last day to withdrawal from a class. You can complete the online form by clicking here.

When can I change my dining plan?
Changes made after the last day to drop a course will apply for the next semester.
Where can I use my block plan?

Mizzou has these residential dining locations that accept dining plans: Baja Grill in Bingham Hall; The MARK on 5th Street in Mark Twain Residence Hall; The Restaurants at Southwest in Bluford Hall; Plaza 900, Emporium Café; and Rollins with Rollins @Night; and Sabai inside Johnston Hall.

Tiger Cash is accepted at every Campus Dining Services locations, including student center restaurants. See our locations page for more information about each venue.


Can I share my block plan with others?

Yes and no. You can take guests with you and use your meal plan to cover all of the meals. But to ensure that no one uses your meals without your consent, you must be present whenever your card is used.


How do I request a carry-out meal? Where can I get them?
Carry–out meals are available at Rollins and The MARK on 5th Street. You must ask for a carry–out container when your card is scanned.


What is Tiger Cash?

See our Tiger Cash (formerly known as E.Z. Charge) webpage for specific information about the benefits of the Tiger Cash program and how to sign up for it.

How do I know what is open and when?
Check the hours page for the location hours for any specific day.
Why do some locations close on the weekends?
Our staff needs weekends off, too! We take pride in having great employees, and we do our best to give them breaks they need. There are fewer students eating in our locations on the weekends. Enter a date on the hours page to see which locations are open on weekends.
What happens to the meals that are left on my account at the end of the semester?
Meals do not carry over from one semester to the next. With this in mind, you should carefully consider which plan is best for you. It may be better to opt for a lower plan now and purchase a block of 25 meals later if needed.
Pricing of meals by contract year versus number of meals per semester: what am I paying?
The dollar amount for each dining block is pricing for full academic year while the number of meals is per semester. For example, the Block 225 plan amounts to 225 per semester – 450 meals total – for the plan cost. If you go up the the Block 275 plan in the spring semester, the difference in price will be charged to your account. If you drop to Block 175, you will be credited the difference.
Does CDS have an app?
Yes! CDS is part of the goMizzou app available in iTunes and the Google Play stores. Use the app to check location hours, menus and more. Other features of the goMizzou app include a campus map, directory, events calendar and athletics information.
How do I apply for a job?
Go to the jobs page for an application and more information about what it’s like to work for CDS! We hire full-time and part-time positions and work with student schedules. CDS offers a flexible, fun and convenient environment for on-campus employment – with some great incentives too. Call 573-882-0869 or email Susan Dayton at for more information.
I live off campus; can I purchase a meal plan?

Yes you can. Any of the block plans are open to off-campus students as well; just choose which ever block works best for your schedule. See our dining plans page for more specific information. The Tiger Plan is another convenient options for student living off-campus. You can also set up Tiger Cash if that better suits your needs.

What is Zoutrition?

Zoutrition is an online tool that can help you make wise choices to meet your nutritional goals when dining in Campus Dining Service locations. You will find this tool helpful to identify and select well-balanced meals, check the nutritional content of your food choices, identify possible allergens and food intolerance’s and select preferences for specific types of diets such as Vegetarian or Vegan.

Why can't I look up Sunshine Sushi on Zoutrition?
Sunshine Sushi is a small private company that is still in the process of building its nutritional information. It is not operated by Campus Dining Services. The Zoutrition software allows us to enter the nutritional information for everything we purchase and recipes our chefs develop. Because Campus Dining Services does not purchase or prepare the dishes at Sunshine Sushi, we are unable to use Zoutrition to reflect that information at this time.
Donation/Sponsorship Requests
You can view the Donation/Sponsorship Request Form by Clicking Here. Completed forms must be brought the Campus Dining Services office at 900 Virginia Avenue (above Plaza 900).