Dining Plans

Our dining plans help you get healthy, delicious, affordable food when and where you want it. Dining plans are accepted at all 20 Campus Dining Services locations. All dining plans use your student ID for payment. Your purchase is deducted from your balance when you order or purchase food.

**Zou Silver is the only dining option available during the summer semester.

Academic Year 2024–2025Zou PlatinumZou Gold**Zou Silver
Do dining dollars roll over from fall to spring?Yes, if you purchase a Zou Plan each semesterYes, if you purchase a Zou Plan each semesterYes, if you purchase a Zou Plan each semester
Price per academic year 2024–2025 (incl. admin fee*)$4,040$3,520$1,960
Price per semester 2024–2025 (incl. admin fee*)$2,020$1,760$980
Dining dollars per academic year (after admin fee*). Special discounts apply. See FAQ for more info.$2,370$1,850$1,000
Can I add dining dollars?Yes, unlimitedYes, unlimitedYes, up to $100 per semester
*Dining Plans have two components: dining dollars and an administrative fee. Dining dollars go toward meal purchases. The location of the purchase determines the discount. The administrative fee covers building maintenance, salaries, utilities and other overhead costs and is non-refundable.  

Review the plans above and consider what fits your lifestyle. Where do you live? What locations are near your classes? Which dining locations do you like best? If you change your mind, you can switch plans through the fifth week of classes.

First-time college students must have a dining plan if they sign a housing/dining agreement with Residential Life. Students will automatically be assigned the ‘predominate plan’, which is Zou Gold. Students have until the academic drop date of each semester to change their plans. See the registrar’s website for drop dates. If a student moves out of their residence hall, their plan will convert to an off-campus plan and will be required through the end of the academic year.

Dining plan discounts:

50% at all CDS-operated locations *

20% at Mizzou Markets and Emporium

*Locations with no discount include but are not limited to Sunshine Sushi and Panda Express.

Dining Plans for Off-Campus Students

You don’t need to live in university housing to enjoy the benefits of a CDS dining plan. Any student not living on campus can purchase a Zou Plan. These plans are set up identical to on-campus plans. Changes/cancellations of an off-campus dining plan may be done until the academic drop date of each semester. See the registrar’s website for drop dates.

Purchase a dining plan for off-campus students

Supplement Your Plan

You can add Dining dollars to supplement your dining plan. You can add unlimited dollars to your Gold and Platinum plans. However, you can only add up to $100 per semester with the Silver Plan.

Add Dining Dollars