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Dining Plans

Our dining plans help you get healthy, delicious, affordable food when and where you want it.

All dining plans use your student ID for payment. When you order or purchase food, the cashier swipes your ID, and your purchase is deducted from your balance.

Academic Year Dining Plans


Block Plan Tiger Plan Platinum Tiger Plan Plus Tiger Plan
Ideal if you want to eat… … mainly in your residence hall. … in all Campus Dining Services locations. … in all Campus Dining Services locations. … mainly in your apartment, fraternity or sorority house.
Meals a week (avg.) 17 15 12 6
Accepted at # locations 13 29 29 29
Meals roll over from fall to spring? No Yes, if you purchase a Tiger Plan each semester Yes, if you purchase a Tiger Plan each semester Yes, if you purchase a Tiger Plan each semester
Price per academic year 2020-21 (incl. admin fee*) $3,760 $3,400 $2,950 $1,650
Swipes/flex dollars per academic year (after admin fee*) 550 swipes $2,000 $1,600 $850
Can I add swipes/flex dollars? Yes, 25 swipes at a time Yes, unlimited Yes, unlimited Yes, up to $100 per semester

Review the plans above and consider what fits your lifestyle. Where do you live? What locations are near your classes? Which dining locations do you like best? If you change your mind, you can switch plans through the fifth week of classes.

* The Tiger Plan has two components: flex dollars and an administrative fee. Flex dollars go toward meal purchases. The location of the purchase determines the discount. The administrative fee covers building maintenance, salaries, utilities and other overhead costs.

Summer 2020 Dining Plans


Tiger Plan Block 25 Plan
Ideal if… …you want the flexibility and freedom to get food and drinks at any CDS location, including Starbucks on campus before and after summer school. …you are are on campus for only a 4-week summer session.
Accepted at… … Plaza 900, Student Center Dining, Catalyst Cafe, Wheatstone Bistro, Starbucks-Memorial, Bookmark Cafe, Mizzou Market-Hitt and Mizzou Market-Central. … Plaza 900.
# Meals 88 (May 19-Aug. 12) 25 (June 5-July 31)
Unused balance… …is forfeited after Aug. 12 …is forfeited after July 31
Price $825 $250

Dining Plans for Off-Campus Students

You don’t need to live in university housing to enjoy the benefits of a CDS dining plan. Purchase a dining plan for off-campus students.

Supplement Your Plan

Tiger Cash

Tiger Cash is for any student who carries a student ID card and spends time on campus. The TigerCard Manager allows students to deposit funds 24/7 into a prepaid account that can be used at all Campus Dining Services locations, The Mizzou Store and MizzouRec locations.

Learn More About Tiger Cash


Block Plans add 25 meals

You can purchase a block of 25 meals for $10 a meal at any time.

Dietary Needs

Campus Dining Services strives to provide choices at every location that can meet a wide variety of dietary practices, restrictions and food allergies. If you have a specific concern or question about what is available, please contact us.

Request Consultation