Sales Donated

Subway has partnered with the Mizzou Market Convenience Stores to offer a fundraising platform for Registered Student Organizations on campus. These fundraisers are in the form of community nights on Wednesday or Sundays throughout the semester. The way the community nights work is simple. The Registered Student Organization applies for a specific date and location using the form below. If approved, the organization takes action and begins the recruitment process to get as many people through the doors during their specific date and time. Subway(CNW Management LLC) will donate 20% of all Subway sales to the organization. The only stipulation is the guest must provide a copy of the flyer at the time of purchase.

To apply for one of these community nights, simply fill out the form below. Upon acceptance, you will receive contact from Amanda Archer, Marketing Manager for CNW Management. She will follow up with confirmation and all of the details for your event.