Winter Celebration Dinner

On Wednesday, December 7, head to Plaza 900, Pavilion at Dobbs and The MARK on 5th Street for our annual Winter Celebration! This special meal boasts a massive menu, featuring Holiday Nog, Hot Cider, Chopped Kale Salad, Lobster Bisque, Honey-Bourbon Glazed Salmon, Lamb Stew, Orecchiette with Sausage and Tomatoes, Dauphinoise Potatoes, Dinner Rolls, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Peanut Brittle, Cherry Delight and more! We'll see you on Wednesday!

Need to Make a Change?

You can now make a change to your residential dining plan for the Spring 2017 semester. If you think you need more or less meals, simply click below and select the plan that you think will best suit your needs. Remember, Block 175 is about 11 meals per week, Block 225 is about 14 meals per week, and Block 275 is about 17 meals per week!

Change Dining Plan

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