Hot Drinks

Item Price
Add a shot of espresso! $0.90
Sub Soy Milk, Half & Half, or Oat Milk $0.80
Vanilla, Caramel, Sugar-free Vanilla and Chocolate One Shot $0.60

Item Price
Americano 12oz $2.99
16oz $2.99
Cappuccino 12oz $3.99
16oz $4.59
Chai Latte 12oz $4.49
16oz $4.99
Chocolate Chai 12oz $4.69
16oz $5.19
Coffee 12oz $2.29
16oz $2.49
Double Shot of Espresso $2.59
Hot Chocolate 12oz $3.59
16oz $4.19
Hot Tea Packet 12oz $1.99
Latte 12oz $3.99
16oz $4.59
Mocha 12oz $4.69
16oz $4.99
Vanilla Latte 12oz $4.49
16oz $4.99

Iced Drinks

Item Price
Add a shot of espresso! $0.90
Sub Soy Milk, Almond Milk or Half & Half $0.80
Vanilla, Caramel, Sugar-free Vanilla, Chocolate and White Chocolate



Item Price
Passion Fruit Lime Green, Hibiscus Ginger, Classic Black, Mango Bergamot Black 16oz $1.99

Item Price
Americano 16oz $2.99
Chocolate Iced Chai 16oz $5.19
Cold Brewed Coffee 16oz $3.99
Fountain Beverage $1.99
Iced Chai 16oz $4.99
Latte 16oz $4.59
Mocha 16oz $4.99
Vanilla Latte 16oz $4.99

Blended Beverages

Item Price
Add a Scoop Supplements

Choose from: Pea Protein, Immune Support, and Probiotic

Sub for Soy Milk, Oat Milk or Half & Half $0.80

Item Price

Frozen Coffee Beverage: Choose from Java Chip, Caramel, Turtle, or Vanilla

20 ounce $5.49

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream


Item Price
Breakfast Smoothie

Peanut Butter, Soy Milk, Oats, Chocolate, Banana

20oz $5.19
Real Fruit Smoothies

Select Two Fruits from: Strawberry, Pineapple, Banana, Blueberry, Mango, Mixed Berry

20oz $5.09

Snacks and Pastries

Item Price
B&B Bagels $1.49
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread $1.79
Cookies $0.99
Donuts $0.99
Muffins $2.39
Scones $2.19

Item Price
Breakfast Sandwich Egg and Cheese $3.29
Sausage Egg and Cheese $3.99
Fruit Cup $4.89
Hummus and Pita $2.69
Protein Pack $7.39
Veggie Platter with Ranch or Hummus $3.39
Yogurt Parfait with Fresh Granola $4.59

Bottled Beverage

Item Price
Bang Energy $3.29
Iced Tea $1.99
Milk $1.79
Ocean Spray $2.09